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Class of 1965

J. Scott Armstrong, MSIA, a professor at the Wharton School of Business, has been selected to deliver the first lecture for an annual lecture series, in recognition of his recent selection as the winner of the “Armstrong Brilliance in Research in Marketing Award 2016.” The lecture will take place at the Global Marketing Conference in July in Hong Kong.

Class of 1966

James Yanni, MSIA, is now retired having sold his two investment firms. Yanni still helps out at his son Matt’s investment firm, Yanni & Associates. He has six grandchildren. His wife, Jeri, passed away in 2012.

Class of 1970

Kenneth Derow, MSIA, BSIM ’69, and co-author Dr. Rudy Tanzi, a Harvard neuroscientist, now have their book under consideration for publishing by a major publishing house. The book, based on brain science, psychology and common sense, shows readers how to transform their dietary lifestyle for improved health, wellbeing and longevity.

Class of 1975

Bill Seibel, MSIA, left his position as an executive chairman at LogMatrix to become an executive chairman at Aliro Group.

Martin White, MSIA, has accepted a corporate controller position at Shoreline Pharmaceuticals, an organization specializing in pharmacy, compounding and distribution.

Class of 1981

Tom Ryan, MSIA, has accepted a business continuity consultant position at Churchill & Harriman, where he supervises professionals to migrate inventory of business continuity plans to a new platform.

Class of 1982

❊ Mark Coblitz, MSIA, Tepper School BBA member, was elected to the Colonial Williamsburg Board of Trustees in January. About Coblitz and his fellow new board member, Mitchell B. Reiss, the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, shared “The foundation and its mission will benefit enormously from their insight as we engage and inspire new audiences with the stories of our nation’s founding.”

Class of 1983

Carole Cook, MSIA, is working as a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Florida. Working with long-term, serious investors, Cook helps them plan for or enjoy retirement.

Jeff Jury, BSIM, is now a manager at DTS, where he leads the HD Radio and Automotive groups.

Class of 1984

Happy birthday to Louisa Pontius Wunder’s, MSIA, sister Helen King. Four years after a diagnosis of multiple abdominal cancers, King will celebrate her 61st birthday. Her father, Dr. Robert Pontius, taught a course on heart surgery at CMU. Wunder remembers hearing her finance professor say that doctors were poor investors, but, in her case, she thinks the medical professionals made some good decisions.

Class of 1986

Gina Grosso, BSIM, is the first woman to hold the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services for the U.S. Air Force. Grosso said, “I feel like I’m an airman just like any other airman. It’s not at all meaningful to me that I’m the first woman. It’s really an honor to be promoted to this grade no matter what your gender is.”

Class of 1987

Scott Good, MSIA, has twin sons both completing their graduate degrees this winter/spring. Jacob completed his master of science degree in theoretical inorganic chemistry at CMU. The generational legacy at CMU has begun! Kai finishes law school at University of Minnesota in a few weeks.

Class of 1988

Jamie Bonomo, MSIA, E ’81, has retired after 27 years with Oliver Wyman Consulting (previously SPA, Mercer Management Consulting). He and Mary Beth (Smith) Bonomo, E ’81, continue to reside in Pittsburgh and are enjoying some time together after all of those years of constant travel!

Class of 1989

Kiyoshi Nakamura, MSIA, reports bad news and good news: Last December, his dog, a mini dachshund, died after 17 years of happy life. This April, Kiyoshi became CFO of Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding. A total of 27 years after commencement, he made it.

Class of 1990

David Browdy, MSIA, was honored as the recipient of the 2016 GIP Distinguished Service Award by the Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Institutional Planning. Browdy is the Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Health Sciences at the University of Utah. He is a great mentor to many members of the GIP and instrumental in the organization and execution of the first symposium ever sponsored by the group.

Jon Coble, MSIA, has recently been hired as the CEO of a Virginia-based biotechnology start-up, GOGO BAND, which is developing a cure for pediatric enuresis, the number one chronic health condition in children.

Jon Grimm, MSIA, is now a board member at Tap.in2.

Class of 1991

❊ Francisco Aguilera, MSIA, is now a data insights Americas time zone leader at Microsoft.

Class of 1992

GSIA classmates from the Class of 1992 visited the Tepper School on February 26 to remember Friday B**rs, Robber Baron and Management Game. Left to right: Bob Ecker, MSIA ’93; Scott Brann, MSIA; Mark Cain, MSIA; Mike Leszcz, MSIA; Chris Keim, MSIA; Brent Schimke, MSIA; Mike Carruthers, MSIA; and Tony Chien, MSIA.

Class of 1993

❊ Matt Hargis, MSIA, launched a new business unit for Point B Consulting, a 500+ employee firm based in Seattle. The new property development business unit focuses on real estate development projects in resort hospitality, healthcare and urban redevelopment.

John Merchant, MSIA, E’85, is now the head of operations transformation consulting at Ericsson, where he leads a team of consultants in the delivery of projects for communications service providers.

Ed Rhoads, MSIA, is now a partner at Prophet, a NYC-based strategic brand and marketing management consultancy dedicated to helping enterprises grow.

❊ David Stubenvoll, MSIA, launched his fifth new business venture, Wowza Media Systems, with Charlie Good. This business idea was created to fill the void in the streaming industry of a lack of flexible and simplified media server software on which to build reliable streaming.

Class of 1994

Jack Reinhart, MSIA, was hired as the director of product and project management at RE2. Reinhart will work closely with the directors of business development and marketing to establish cost targets, determine the marketability of future technologies and support marketing plans for all of RE2’s products. The CEO and president of RE2, Jorgen Pedersen, described Reinhart as bringing “exemplary leadership skills, business management expertise and technical engineering prowess to the RE2 team.”

Class of 1995

Laura McKee, MSIA, is now a co-owner and store manager of Sweetwater Bicycle Shop (formerly Ambridge Bike Shop).

Class of 1996

❊ Andrew Barrow, MSIA, and his wife, Melanie Barrow, welcomed a son, Andrew Barrow, in August 2015. Drew and his big sister Caroline are doing well. The Barrows live in Morristown, New Jersey.

Class of 1997

Damon Audia, MSIA, was named Carpenter Technology Corporation’s senior vice president and chief financial officer. His previous experiences at Delphi Corporation and General Motors have given him over 20 years of broad financial experience, which he will use in this new position.

Class of 1999

❊ Sean Harley, MSIA, welcomed his daughter, Olivia, into the world last June. She’s a happy baby and has slept through the night since she was 2 months old. Daniel (now 6) is a proud big brother. Harley is leading the launch of a cloud-based business app called LUPR that will enhance the relationships between industrial firms and their suppliers. LUPR is partnered with and built on its SaaS platform.

Joaquin Urrea, MSIA, is now director of finance, Cement, at LafargeHolcim (USA).

Class of 2000

Jose Li, MSIA, is now on the Board of Advisors at CarePredict, which provides the future of wearable technology for seniors and the elderly.

Andrew Spears, MSIA, and his wife, Abby Spears, are the proud parents of Reagan Margaret Spears, who was born on Oct. 3, 2015. Andy and Abby were married on June 6, 2014 and live in Palm City, Florida with Andy’s two other daughters, Emily and Lizzy. Abby is an attorney with Kramer, Sopko, and Levenstein and specializes in commercial litigation. Andy is a real estate broker.

❊ Eduardo Tobon, MSIA, is now an advisor and entrepreneur at Spencer Stuart, where he assists clients with needs in the marketing, consumer and financial services practices.

Class of 2001

Adam Cooper, MSIA, is now a software engineering manager at Hansen Technologies.

❊ Gina Ringgenberg, MSEC, has joined Key Equipment Finance as vice president and leasing manager for the company’s federal team. “Gina has an outstanding track record for project management and client service and will make an excellent addition to the Key Government Finance sales team,” said Art Hyman, senior vice president and manager, in an article by Brian Rogerson of

Rajesh Sharma, MSIA, is the CEO and co-founder of Censeo, which a recent Harvard Business Review article cited as a company demonstrating corporate culture best practices because it is cultivating a positive emotional work culture. The firm’s strategy of fostering friendships among employees was highlighted as an example of how supporting kindness in the workplace increases impact and maximizes results by gaining the trust of both employees and clients. Sharma said, “Cultures that are explicitly more emotional and caring engender more loyalty, fostering better relationships among employees and clients. This in turn ultimately leads to more significant results for
our clients.”

Class of 2002

Onur Bayar, MSIA, has been promoted to associate professor of finance at The University of Texas, San Antonio.

❊ Kyle Derstine, MSIA, has left his position as a senior manager at Amyris to become an associate director at Enterey Life Sciences Consulting.

Nobuhiro Seki, MSIA, co-founded a company called FabFoundry in NYC in February 2015. FabFoundry is a platform for makers to build and foster a start-up community. The company is proud to have S. Thomas Emerson, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at CMU, as an investor as well as director of the board. On another note, Kotoha, Seki’s first baby girl, was born on August 13, 2015 at 23 weeks. She spent almost six months in the hospital. She now lives her life at home with the memory of Eito, her late twin brother, who passed away on August 26.

❊ Luke Skurman, HNZ ’04, BSBA, founded Inc., which is a Pittsburgh-based start-up that assists customers throughout the United States to make decisions about universities and neighborhoods. The company is now starting to raise capital to increase staff, visibility and products.

Class of 2003

Lance Casler, MBA, was promoted from senior manager of global transportation and America’s logistics to director of logistics within Avaya.

Scott Hackler, MBA, is the founder of Halo del Santo LLC in Fort Worth, Texas, maker of an all-natural, spicy, sour margarita salt of the same name. Halo del Santo is the only company in the country making Mexican-style lollipops. The sweet, spicy candies were introduced in the spring of last year. The company’s products are available at retailers and restaurants in 16 states, as well as online.

❊ Patrick Macedo, MBA, is now an associate director at The Kraft Heinz Company.

Evandro Pereira, MBA, is now a superintendent at Banco Safra.

Class of 2004

Ramez Qubain, MBA, and his wife, Deema, were blessed with their third child, Kenan, on November 19, 2014. Kenan’s older siblings Yasmine (7) and Owen (3) are extremely excited.

Class of 2005

Mehmet Akinci, MBA, is now an area manager in the Pittsburgh region at Skanska USA.

Vivek Kukar, MBA, continues to represent sellers and buyers for sale and rentals in Manhattan — the largest real estate market in the world — and is nearing his 10-year anniversary. Several of Kukar’s clients have been CMU alumni pursuing apartments in NYC.

Kimberly Lang, MBA, DC ’95, was named director of marketing for Firestone Farm Tires, Bridgestone’s agricultural tire division. “Kimberly is a proven marketing strategist who has delivered great results for a number of growing brands in the U.S. She is the right person to lead the iconic Firestone Farm Tires brand as we double down on meeting the evolving needs of today’s farmers,” Tony Orlando, president, agricultural tires, said in a Bridgestone release.

Class of 2006

❊ Kim Berman, BSBA, recently started working at AirBNB HQ in San Francisco as its customer insights manager. Having traveled the world with AirBNB, she is excited for this opportunity.

Susan Gregg Koger, BSBA, and Eric Koger, MBA ’07, BSBA, recently made headlines when ModCloth, their vintage inspired fashion e-commerce site, announced it would eliminate plus-sized language from its website. “ModCloth’s mission is to help women feel like the best version of themselves, and we believe this is another way we can promote inclusivity,” Koger said in a statement.

❊ Benjamin McCann, MBA, sold the company he founded, Connectifier, to LinkedIn. Connectifier built powerful machine learning-based searching and matching technology to help recruiters and hiring managers find the perfect talent fit. According to a Form 10-K filed by LinkedIn, the acquisition will be accounted for as business combination with an estimated purchase price of approximately $100 million.

Christopher Schultz, MBA, and his wife, Heather, welcomed their second son, Owen Christopher, into the world on September 9, 2015. Schultz recently joined Grant Thornton as a director and practice leader in its business analytics consulting practice, where his primary areas of focus are data visualization, big data and advanced analytics.

Tricia Robinson, MBA, has opened her own skincare business, after a 2.5-year break from corporate America. She previously had a 17-year career at GE.

❊ Tallys Yunes, Ph.D., MSIA ’02, and his wife, Madeline Keller, welcomed their baby girl, Lavinia Lilith Travers Yunes, to this world on March 23, 2015. Despite an average start around the 58th percentile, she now sits above the 98th percentile in both length and weight. Yunes is convinced that raising a baby is harder than getting a Ph.D.

Class of 2007

Ahmed El Nokali, MBA, was hired as senior vice president and director of interest rate
sales and marketing at First National Bank. “At FNB, we believe our clients are best served through a holistic approach to the banking relationship. With Ahmed on board, we round out an already robust commercial banking product set with sophisticated interest rate hedging capabilities,” Robert Moorehead, chief wholesale banking officer for FNB, told the Northside Chronicle.

Ambarish Gupta, MBA, was featured in a Seattle Times article about Indian engineers returning to India to pursue new opportunities in the “gold rush” cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. “I feel like this is how people in New York must have felt about California 100 years ago,” Gupta told the Seattle Times. “The new opportunities are always in the places that are screwed up ... If there aren’t too many things to fix, there isn’t much opportunity.” He started Knowlarity, an internet telephony company, in 2009.

❊ Mercedes Harris, MBA, celebrates one year of having her blog, which recommends cultural things to do and eat in Houston. Her blog, Merlex Picks, has a solid following in the Houston community.

Gene Natali Jr., MBA, senior vice president at C.S. McKee in Pittsburgh, is the co-author of The Missing Semester. Written for college students, the book was recognized as the 2013 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in the Young Adult Category and Business Category and the 2013 EIFLE Award Adult’s Book of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

❊ Andrew Sutherland, MBA, joined the faculty at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Ten years after starting at the Tepper School, he once again spent most of his fall in a classroom full of ex-engineer MBAs.

Class of 2008

Ashwini Chaube, MSIA, is now performing business analytics at Funding Circle US.

Ayelet Cohen-Tucker, MBA, is now a manager at Meggitt PLC.

Miguel Guzman Betancourt, MBA, is now an adjunct professor of economics at Tecnologico de Monterrey, where he is a part-time professor teaching economics courses for international exchange students and dual-degree candidates in English.

❊ Sachal Lakhavani, MBA, DC ’99, is now the co-chairman of the Board of Directors at 412 Food Rescue. He continues to work at PwC.

Girdhar Nandipati, MSCF, married Dr. Deeya Gaindh at the Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine.

Peter Theis, MBA, is now the CFO of FocusFeed.

Class of 2009

Sridhar Chellappa, MBA, has left his position as a software architect at Olacabs to become a principal consultant at Target.

 Rob Demisch, MBA, and his wife, Maria, recently welcomed their first child, William Zade Demisch. Will was born at 4 pounds 7 ounces on Jan. 9, 2016.

Douglas Leonhardt, MBA/MSCF, has left his position as a director at OCC to become a manager at Intercontinental Exchange.

Sereana Seim, MBA, is now a technical writer at Mixpo, where she is writing new help for the next major release of the company’s digital ad platform.

Peter Sicher, MBA, has joined Olstein Capital Management, where he is responsible for generating and evaluating investment ideas, gathering and reviewing research and financial statements, performing fundamental analysis, creating company-specific earnings models, writing investment summaries, and presenting research findings, analysis and recommendations to the investment committee

 Carisa (Sirak) Griffin, MBA, and her husband, Ryan, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Beckett Alfonso, on Aug. 29, 2015. Big sister Lula adores her little brother. Carisa works in Brand Strategy for DICK’S Sporting Goods and Ryan works in Operational Excellence for Honeywell Aerospace. The family resides in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Eric Sisak, MBA, changed from being a director of acquisitions marketing to director of product marketing within The Art Institutes.

Class of 2010

Matthew Anderson, MBA, is now a senior product manager at Disney Interactive.

Brandon Copeland, MBA, has taken a new position at Microsoft as a data analyst supporting and OneDrive. He now lives in Redmond, Washington with his wife and daughter. 

Julia Kramkova, BSBA, has been appointed vice president/chief marketing officer at CHROME Federal Credit Union. She will focus on financial education content and turn the credit union’s website, blog and social channels into an educational destination for customers and members of the community seeking financial advice.

 Meredith Grelli, MBA, co-owner of Wigle Whiskey, is set to debut another company, Threadbare Cider. This seven-figure investment will transform more than an acre of land in Spring Garden in Pittsburgh into a performance space, production facility, entertainment venue and barrel house.

 Micah Keith, MBA, and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their fifth child, Sadie Pearl, into the world on Aug. 23, 2015, to a very happy family. Micah, Sarah, Asher, Elsa and Hazel are excited to have another daughter and sister to love and to indoctrinate about all things Tepper.

Mona Kishore, MBA, HNZ ’10, is now a senior manager at Expedia, where she manages internal teams, technology vendors, and supplier relationships.

Christine Morgan Korber, MBA, is now a senior director of procurement at Alcoa.

 Nathan Lazur, MBA, E ’05, is now a manager and handles digital commerce logistics at Giant Eagle.

Maruschak, Alissa_2010_CMYK.jpg

 Alissa Marushak, MBA, married Derek Marushak on May 23, 2015 at Packer Memorial Church, Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In attendance were: Kathryn (Basch) Brown; Natasha Mathias Weith, MBA;  Nathan Lazur, MBA, E ’05;   Heather Lazur, MBA; and  Emily Kulick, MBA. Afterward, Alissa and Derek spent 10 days in Greece for their honeymoon. Alissa works as the chief of staff for U.S. individual business at Cigna, and Derek is in IT at Air Products.

Mara McFadden, MBA, is the director of product management at 4moms, which is a consumer technology company that creates baby gear products. McFadden brings the 4moms product portfolio to life, ensuring that every product is true to its vision of solving real parenting problems.

 Fahad Qureshi, MBA, and his wife, Yusra, MBA ’09, welcomed their first baby boy, Zidane Qureshi, on May 17, 2015. Zidane enjoys being outdoors in New York City, especially around parks. Fahad is celebrating one year at a private equity advisory firm, Accordion Partners. Yusra is celebrating two years at FTI Consulting.

Daniel Smyers, BSBA, co-produced an album, Where It All Began, with Shay Mooney. After two years of continuous shows, Dan + Shay is following up this album with a tour.

Jiang Xin, MBA, is now a managing director at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Class of 2011

Ashley Carnahan Downey, MBA, and her husband, Jeff, welcomed their first child (and future Tepper School student), Emma, in April 2015. Ashley is now a marketing manager at Giant Eagle.

Di Jin, MSCF, has left his position as an associate at Morgan Stanley to become a macro structurer at Nomura.



 Jaisang Jung, MBA, had a family trip to celebrate his youngest son’s first birthday. Andrew, born in Pittsburgh during Jung’s MBA, is now a big fan of the Pirates.

 Sri Narasimhan, MBA, and his wife, Hitha, celebrated the birth of their son, Rhoshan, in March. They are thrilled to be new parents! Sri also joined a new consulting firm, Activate, where as an engagement manager he develops growth strategies for clients in the fast-paced media and tech sector.

Shana Pope, MBA, is now a ventures & acquisitions specialist at Accenture.

Jordan Sembower, MBA, is now a senior product manager at Amazon.

 Justin Shaka, MBA, married Lauren Capone on Sept. 19, 2015, with a ceremony at St. Mary of the Mount in Pittsburgh, followed by a reception at the Omni William Penn. Tepper School classmates in attendance were: Mike LoBue, MBA;  Ish McGee, MBA; Todd Hoskins, MBA;  Elissa McGee, MBA;  Christine McGarry, MBA, BSBA ’09; ❊ L.J. Grant, MBA;  Ocean Dalton, MBA ’12; Jono Matusky, MBA ’12, E ’11; Juan Pablo Rubiano-Groot, MBA; and  Antoni Abella Vendrell, MBA, as well as Adam Simone, HNZ ’11. The couple lives in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where Justin is cofounder and CEO of REBIScan, and Lauren, former assistant director of admissions at the Tepper School, is now the senior director of marketing at Northeastern University.

 Philip Shing, MBA/MSCF, has accepted a VP position at Guggenheim Securities.

 Chandler Bewkes Stroud, MBA, is now a director at American Express.

Xinghua Wang, MSCF, is now a VP - desk strategist at Morgan Stanley.

Kai Zeng, MSCF, is now vice president for Option Market Making and Systematic Trading at Citi, where he manages the desk’s data analytics team.

Class of 2012

Babak Bafandeh, MBA, is now a co-founder of Cuchine.

 Richard Ciccotelli, MBA, has been promoted from financial analyst to senior associate within the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

 Martin Douglass, MBA, HNZ ’12, has accepted the VP of mergers & acquisitions position at Morgan Stanley.

Cristin Smith, MBA, and Luke Eidenmuller, MBA, were married on May 8, 2015, in Nassau, Bahamas, in the company of their friends and family. The couple met at the Tepper School and moved to Philadelphia after graduation. Smith is the chief of staff for Global Financial Services at SAP. Eidenmuller is a global product manager at Tyco.

 Chris Gassman, MBA, since the dawn of 2016, has gone skiing at Lake Placid with Tepper School peeps, backpacked New Zealand, and has been promoted to a team lead role. Now he has a posse to help him hit that $1B BHAG.

 Stefano Gridelli, MBA, co-founded NetBeez, a network monitoring start-up, which was accepted into the Y Combinator Winter 2016 program in Mountain View, California.

Edgar Knizhnik, MBA, is now the marketing manager for Hot Pockets at Nestle.

Lauren Meehan Marcum, MBA, and her husband, Josh, have relocated to South Florida with new jobs. They will welcome their second child in March. The baby will join big sister, Adele, who turns 2 in April!

Rami Saad, MBA, created GrupTrip, which is a social travel app that aims to make group vacations easier and more fun. This idea was inspired after Saad visited more than 30 countries. He started writing down a list of recurring pain points that he experienced on his trips with others that he could solve with a mobile application. GrupTrip has been released in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ellen Wang, MSCF, is now a senior manager at Scotia Asset Management, where she performs asset class research, portfolio optimization and asset allocation.

Courtney Williamson, MSIA, spoke at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, held at New Castle High School in New Castle, Pennsylvania. CEO and founder of Abililife, Williamson shared her entrepreneurship experiences and touted the importance of STEM in education. Abililife manufactures products for patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Sharleen Yuan, MSCF, is now an associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Class of 2013

Kuwar Ahluwalia, MBA, has left his position as a senior consultant at Deloitte to become a technical program manager at Google.

Jacob Forschein, MBA, has been promoted to commercial analyst at Westinghouse Electric, where he is now responsible for pricing new nuclear builds and developing marketing presentations for new nuclear power plant projects to different countries and consumers.

Sumit Gambhir, MBA, was promoted from associate to engagement manager at McKinsey & Company.

Kai Kang, MBA, has been promoted from sourcing specialist and projects manager to new product global sourcing manager within Eaton.

Avi Kewalramani, MBA, is now a co-founder of Happiness in a Box.

Richard Napor, MBA, was promoted to vice president and counterparty risk manager at M&T Bank in Buffalo.

Jeffrey Patkin, MBA, is now a treasury strategy analyst at IBM.

 Som Sreedhar, MBA, is now a director for marketing services at Emerson Process Management.

Yael Steinhart, MBA, is now a brand manager at ConAgra Foods.

Class of 2014

 Timothy Altman, MBA, and his wife, Renee LeFevre, have relocated to Boston’s South Shore to be able to catch more Pats, Sox and Celtics games.

 Manvi Gupta, MBA, left her position as a manager at Sears Holdings Corporation to become a senior manager at Nielsen.

 Steve Hollander, MBA, left his position at Groupon to become a informatics senior specialist at Cigna.

 Chris Kwong, MBA, is now an account manager at ZIPPY USA.

Yelena Samofal, MBA, HNZ ’14, is now an associate manager at GlaxoSmithKline.

 Greg Smith, MBA, has left his position as a CMMI Level 2 auditor at Synergetic Information Systems to become the information security analyst at Iron Vine Security.

Prasanna Kumar Srinivsan, MBA, is now a senior associate consultant at PwC.

 Silvio Tannert, MBA, finally got all the paperwork and agreements together to transfer to McKinsey’s Palo Alto office after he re-joined McKinsey in Munich as a senior associate in January 2015. Now, Tannert is not only enjoying the warm Bay Area weather, but he is also happy to be reconnected to all his classmates on the West Coast, especially the Business and Technology Club crowd.

 Kristen Ballweg Wall, MBA, is now a senior manager at Ascensia Diabetes Care.

David Wang, MBA, is now a deputy director at Tebon Fund Management.

 Collette Zielinski, MBA, has accepted a senior pricing analyst position at FedEx.

Class of 2015

Lana DeWitt, MBA, enjoys working as a strategic business manager at TCS. She spent the first six months building an innovation and design studio. The studio acts as incubator to create industry changes for clients. It will generate approximately $36 million in annual revenues. DeWitt also has managed a number of design thinking projects, including leading a team to create a number of innovative TV OS applications.

 Katherine Anne Giles, MBA, and her team won the AIMMS (Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System) Hackathon. According to an article published by Analytics magazine, “The event, held in conjunction with the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, is designed to help students and young O.R. specialists develop modeling and optimization skills while gaining experience in using AIMMS software to solve complex real-world problems.”

 Saket Gunjan, MBA, is now a senior program manager at Amazon.

 Marcus Peters, MBA, is now a senior analyst at National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation.

In Memoriam

Edgar Mitchell, BSIM ’52
 Kenneth Ishler Jr., MSIA ’61
James Agan, honorary alumnus certificate awarded at May 2016 graduation