Nina Patel
(MBA 2015)

Organizational Design Consultant
San Francisco, California

 The instrument I imagine myself playing on stage:

My own voice — I’ve belonged to several vocal ensembles since I was 8.

Favorite room in my home:

The kitchen — I like to practice my Iron Chef skills or pretend I have them.

The view that inspires me:

Watching the waves crash at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. To me, the water represents both beauty and strength.

Dining gem:

All Spice — Indian American fusion dining in San Mateo, California.

The most recent advice I gave:

Learn to differentiate between what your gut and what your head are saying, and then trust your gut.

My business icon is:

A hybrid of Brené Brown, Oprah, and Indra Nooyi.

Must-have app:


The most recent conference I attended:

Watermark Workplace Summit.

The last book that impressed me:

The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer.

What’s in your briefcase?

Who carries a briefcase anymore?