Kevin McEachern
(MBA 2011)

Management Consultant
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 The instrument I imagine myself playing on stage:

Closeted crooner with an embarrassing lack of actual singing talent.

Favorite room in my home:

The kitchen, where I pursue one of my favorite hobbies.

The view that inspires me:

Overlooking all of Pittsburgh from my Southside Slopes perch.

B-school memory that makes me smile:

Winning “best presentation” at the Rice University Business Plan Competition.

Wardrobe standout:

Hawaiian Shirt, c. 1997 (It’ll come back; you’ll see...)

The most recent advice I gave:

“Manage your time, or others will manage it for you.”

My business icon is:

Bill Gates, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Must-have app:


The last book that impressed me:

Vinyl Me, Please: 100 Albums You Need on Vinyl and Why.”

Leadership defined as:

Four “I’s”: Inspiration, Ingenuity, Integrity, and Influence.

What’s in your briefcase?

As a coffee lover, having some minty gum on hand is a lifesaver ahead of impromptu meetings with senior execs.