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“Contributing to Tepper makes a transformational impact by giving students like myself the wings to fly, the courage to choose unconventional paths, and the license to dream big. It’s a beautiful partnership between alumni and current students to take Tepper to the next level.

Aashay Doshi (MBA 2019)

Dear Alumni,


Our Tepper School alumni family is growing and becoming stronger than ever.  More alumni than ever before have been returning to campus to celebrate their reunions and reconnect with the school and one another. This year was our first Alumni Reunion Weekend in the new Tepper Quad, and a record number of alumni joined as we begin to create new traditions in our new world-class home.

Increasing numbers of alumni are attending events and becoming engaged as volunteers with admissions, as recruiters, as chapter leaders, and in other roles. A record number of alumni are also supporting the Tepper School’s Annual Fund, which makes it possible for us to train the business leaders of the future.

Yet, we all know more needs to be done to make our global alumni community more vibrant and robust. Important initiatives are being undertaken to further strengthen our Tepper family.

A Tepper Undergraduate Alumni Task Force launched in 2018 to develop a strategy for increasing engagement among our undergraduate business and economics alumni and students. A passionate group of recent undergraduate alumni volunteers is actively engaged in providing insight and analysis to school leadership on how to energize the alumni of these top-ranked academic programs.

Our Alumni Board was charged by the dean to focus on the Tepper School Strategic Plan’s call to increase opportunities for lifelong learning for our alumni. Collaborating with a faculty committee and incorporating input from the alumni community, Tepper will make more resources available to allow you to access the cutting-edge research from our faculty. In the last year alone, more than 1,200 alumni viewed our Alumni Webinar Series.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the Tepper AlumniHub. Our new platform will provide a better experience for all CMU and Tepper alumni. By bringing together the Carnegie Mellon Online Alumni Community and Tepper AlumniHub, we have enhanced your access to resources, creating a one-stop shop for all things CMU and Tepper. The new AlumniHub will enable more personalized delivery of news, events, discussions, groups, and the alumni directory. Once launched, the community will provide a more interactive connection to your class and regional networks and to the Tepper School, as well as to the university at large. Keep an eye out for the invitation with instructions on how to access the new AlumniHub, create your profile, and start your journey.

As always, your ongoing involvement and support is vital to the future of the school and the strength of our alumni community. We challenge you to not stand on the sidelines but become engaged with your classmates and with your alma mater. Your alumni family needs you!

John M. Sengenberger Sr.
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

In Memoriam

Scott Miller (MSIA 1997)


W.L. Mellon Society Member

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Class of 1968

Jeff Kallis (BSIM 1968) was granted Professor Emeritus status in marketing and business analytics from the Lucas College of Business at San Jose State University. His family now lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington, where he practices civil rights law and occasionally consults for Seattle businesses. After 38 years in coastal California, he is still amazed by rain and snow.

Bart Norton (MSIA 1968) is the CEO of KONTAK in Redmond, Washington. The company just received its first patent for releasing hydrogen from a short-chain, organic molecule that is recyclable. This technology is key for launching a completely novel method for storing and transporting hydrogen that is safer. KONTAK expects four more patents in 2019, with an additional 40 patents to be filed in the near future.

Class of 1969

After six years of exhaustive research and writing, Ken Derow’s (BSIM 1969, MSIA 1970) book, “Take 5 — Count Your Way to Lasting Weight Loss, Better Health & Improved Wellbeing,” written in collaboration with Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Rudy Tanzi, is now complete. He is searching for a publisher.

Darryl Dobin (BSIM 1969) continues to grow his consulting practice focused on business development, advising on M&A opportunities and providing marketing expertise. In the year celebrating the 50th anniversary of his graduation from CMU, the number of clients remains at a high level. Darryl is also on the board of several companies, which has enabled him to support these companies with his expertise. He also finds time to spend with his five terrific grandchildren!

Louis B. Mendelsohn (BSIM 1969) is CEO of VantagePoint LLC, a financial trading software company which he founded in 1979. His latest book, published in 2018, is titled “Supercharged Trading With Artificial Intelligence: The Secret to Success in Today’s Financial Markets.”

Class of 1975

❊ Mitchell Fried (BSIM 1974, MSIA 1975) and his wife, Margery, have recently moved to Delray Beach, Florida. They would love to connect with other South Florida CMU alumni. If you are interested, please reach out to him.

Hemant Sanghavi (MSIA)  and classmates  Marc Allinson (MSIA1975) ,  Mac Chiulli (MSIA1975) ,  Linda Pringle (S 1973, MSIA1975) ,  Steve Rothman (MSIA1975) , and  John Schiller (MSIA1975)  at the Taj Mahal.

Hemant Sanghavi (MSIA) and classmates Marc Allinson (MSIA1975), Mac Chiulli (MSIA1975), Linda Pringle (S 1973, MSIA1975), Steve Rothman (MSIA1975), and John Schiller (MSIA1975) at the Taj Mahal.

❊ Hemant Sanghvi (MSIA 1975) and his wife, Darshana, reconnected with five other classmates at the 40th Reunion in 2015 and recalled that each one expressed interest in visiting India. As a result, the Great Sightseeing Indian Adventure was born, and all five former classmates and their partners — Marc Allinson (MSIA 1975), Mac Chiulli (MSIA 1975), Linda Pringle (S 1973, MSIA 1975), Steve Rothman (MSIA 1975), and John Schiller (MSIA 1975) — were treated to a whirlwind tour of India in February. The jam-packed itinerary included New Delhi, Agra, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Cochin, Kerala backwaters, Kovalam, and Mumbai. The history, splendor, and many achievements of India were on full display, and the sounds and colors and foods of India won’t be forgotten.

Class of 1978

Greg Ellis (BSIM 1978, MSIA 1979) is Chief Commercial Officer at PhyzData, a San Antonio, Texas-based company that provides superior patient access services for biologic therapies in support of patients, prescribers, brands, and specialty pharmacies. Greg and his wife, Delores, are enjoying life in beautiful San Antonio.

Class of 1984

Robert Byrne’s (MSIA 1984, MSIA 1992) Reunion committee has decided to establish the Class of 1984 Ilker Baybars Endowed Fellowship, which will be awarded to an MBA student each year. If the class contributes $40,000 to this fund by the end of CMU’s fiscal year on June 30, 2019, Robert will contribute an additional $60,000 to the fellowship.

Class of 1985

Since 2017, Shantha Mohan (Ph.D. 1985) has been mentoring individuals who want to become entrepreneurs and those considering career transitions, as well as those who have just graduated. At Carnegie Mellon University in Silicon Valley, as an alumni mentor, she mentored students, delivered course content, and participated in curriculum development. In 2018, she was named by CMU-SV as an Executive in Residence. Shantha become an author in August 2018 with the release of her book, “Roots and Wings: Inspiring Stories of Indian Women in Engineering.” You can find the book on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle formats.

Class of 1986

Annette Vickers (E 1983, MSIA 1986) is back in the workforce after spending time to raise two beautiful daughters. She is working in strategy and market research for Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, a public-private partnership between the government and Carnegie Mellon University. She is happy to be back!

Class of 1987

Douglas Hitchcock (MSIA 1987) was in Pittsburgh recently for a wedding and was hugely impressed with the new Tepper Quad. The school has grown so much since the GSIA years. All parties involved with that project are to be congratulated. He looks back on his two years at GSIA and how special an education he received. As he now moves into “pseudo-retirement” with a small real estate advertising business in Cleveland, Ohio, he continues to leverage his experience and training from CMU.

Class of 1988

Laleh Hassibi (BSIM 1988) works remotely out of Seattle, Washington, as a Vice President of Datica, a cloud technology company in the health care industry. Outside of work, she’s been busy guiding her four children into adulthood, running half-marathons, hiking through our national parks, mentoring other women in marketing and technology, and writing her first book.

Class of 1989

❊ Robert Barrett (MSIA 1989) retired as a Partner from PwC China in November 2018 and moved back to Pittsburgh with his wife, Jude. Upon his return, he acquired a business that manufactures and sells organic industrial powders for the remediation of oil spills. The product was developed by NASA. The United Remediation Technology company will be distributing the product around the world.

Lauren Roberts (A 1985, MSIA 1989) became the first woman to win a U.S. Poker Open title when she defeated Koray Aldemir heads up in Event #3 — No-Limit Hold ’em to win $218,400 and earn 200 USPO player of the series points. This win marks the first live tournament career win for Roberts, and she was ecstatic to take it down.

Cassie Ruane’s (MSIA 1989) second startup is Mental Health Metrics Inc., with the first and only individualized prognostic tool that can detect the earliest stage of relapse in order to prevent hospitalization. Of the 380 mental health startups in the U.S., none offers products, including AI and wearable products, that address this need. Their SAAS product is to mental health what Moneyball was to baseball in the 1990s.

Class of 1991

Jon Pace (MSIA 1991) discovered the world’s largest known prime number, and 50th known Mersenne prime, as part of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search distributed computing project. At 23,249,425 digits, it bests the previous world record by almost one million digits. His discovery resulted in global coverage, ranging from articles in Popular Science, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal to interviews on NPR, Radio New Zealand, and G1 Brazil.

Class of 1992

Jennifer Janisch (BSIM 1992)  with  Karen Doff (BSIM 1992)  in Mumbai, India.

Jennifer Janisch (BSIM 1992) with Karen Doff (BSIM 1992) in Mumbai, India.

This past December, Jennifer Janisch (BSIM 1992) had the great fortune to travel to India for the first time. She traveled with a good friend and saw the “real” India. While in Mumbai, she met up with Tepper alumna Karen Doff (BSIM 1992), who runs a very special girls’ home there. She got to spend an afternoon with many of the girls living in the home and spent time with Karen catching up on what each of them had been doing in the last 20+ years! It was great to reconnect.

Anne Le Maistre (MSIA 1992) completed a master’s in history in September 2018. While studying at the University of Bristol, she tried out for the quiz team and captained the team on the 2018-19 season of BBC’s “University Challenge.” As of March 2019, the team was through to the quarterfinals. Her husband, Lloyd Fletcher (MSIA 1992), is now a lecturer in management at the University of Bristol.

Rich Robinson (BSIM 1992) is currently leading data strategy, standards, and open symbology at Bloomberg LP, and was recently published in the peer-reviewed Risk.net publication “The Journal of Financial Markets and Infrastructures.” The paper, “A Linguistics Approach to Solving Financial Services Standardization,” puts forward that a universal language for financial services is not possible and current standardization efforts are therefore misdirected. He was also elected as second Vice-Chair for ISITC, an international volunteer professional organization focused on creating best practices for the financial services industry.

Class of 1993

Jake Sedlock (MSIA 1993) has been named Director of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy at Seattle, Washington, startup Alitheon. Alitheon develops novel identification and authentication technology that protects supply chains from illicit intrusions and provides secure, private biometric identification of people.

Class of 1995

Kenny Eng (BSIM 1995) held a get-together at his Westchester house with 1995 industrial management classmates Heawon Yoo, Allis Ghim, Don Molina, Daniel Mofsenson, Nathaniel McNamara, and 1996 industrial management classmate Darren Wan.

Class of 1997

Brian August (MSIA 1997) is the Chief Operating Officer of the Oregon Humane Society. The Oregon Humane Society serves the pets and community of Portland through more than 11,000 adoptions and 12,000 medical procedures and helps across the country and region in responding to both man-made and natural disasters.

For Benjamin Cowen (MSIA 1997), life changed dramatically two years ago when he took over the running of a biotech company developing novel cancer drugs, ImmunoMet Therapeutics. Their lead product is in early human clinical trials, and they have compelling preclinical data in a number of resistant solid tumors. He worked seven days a week his first year and six days a week last year, and is hoping to manage down to five and a half days a week. Also, Benjamin and his wife are celebrating their 30th anniversary. Their son graduated from college in 2017.

Pinar Keskinocak (Ph.D. 1997) was elected president of INFORMS. She will serve as President-Elect, President, and Past President from 2019-2021. She is currently the William W. George Chair and Professor at Georgia Tech and the Director of the Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems at the institute.

James Szuch (MSIA 1997) is incredibly excited to announce a new partnership and a new program aimed at helping creative makers unlock the business potential of their creativity! He has teamed up with the folks at Fort Houston’s Artisan Support Project to launch the Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston. This unique program consists of a collection of nine monthly workshops on topics critical to building a successful creative business.

❊ Cynthia Wang (MSCF 1997, MSIA 1997) recently joined Bridgewater Associates as a Client Adviser, based in Beijing, China. Cynthia will be responsible for Bridgewater’s institutional relationship in China.

Class of 1998

Richard Hulme (MSIA 1998) recently launched BFranklin to help consumers easily convert their whole home to energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light bulbs. Converting an entire home can save $300 or more every year for 20+ years in reduced electricity bills. Payback is usually less than two years. It’s the easiest home improvement project you’ll ever do.

Jennifer Ng (BSIM 1998)  with classmates in New York City.

Jennifer Ng (BSIM 1998) with classmates in New York City.

Jennifer Ng (BSIM 1998) and a few friends from the class of 1998 — give or take a year — got together this past fall in New York City for an impromptu 20-year reunion. It was great catching up with old friends, looking at old pics (in actual physical photo albums), and meeting families.

Class of 1999

Mike Morris (MSIA 1999) has co-founded SuperFat, a brand of nut butter products made from macadamia nuts, almonds, and functional ingredients like coconut, medium-chain triglycerides oil, probiotics, plant protein, and cacao.


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Class of 2000

Daniel Kuhlman (MSIA 2000)  and family.

Daniel Kuhlman (MSIA 2000) and family.

Daniel Kuhlman (MSIA 2000) just moved back to the U.S. from a life-changing five years in Europe. Daniel and his family spent a year in mini-retirement in southeast Asia and southern France. They did stints in Brussels, Belgium and Bonn, Germany. He worked in Zurich, Switzerland; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and Dublin, Ireland. They trekked to Japan, the Middle East, and most of Europe. Now, they are back in Colorado and ready for the next chapter in life. Daniel is starting his sixth career — in real estate sales and rental property management.

Rodrigo Pinto (MSIA 2000) is celebrating his 12th anniversary at NewLog Consulting. They provide services in operations improvement, supporting their customers to achieve a higher level of efficiency. The material from courses like Operations Management or Operations Research taken back in 1999-2000 at GSIA are still very much up to date and help us bring value to our consulting work.

❊ Eric Strafel (MSIA 2000) was recently named Vice President of Supplier Management for Boeing Global Services. Eric is also President and CEO of Aviall, a Boeing Company. He was recently featured on a podcast where he spoke about immersive leadership and his passion for engaging an entire workforce.

Jace Thompson (MSIA 2000) completed an acquisition in December of ProfessionalChats LLC in Kansas City, Missouri, on behalf of Ruby Receptionists Inc., which now extends its services and brand of stellar customer impressions and lead capture for its 10,000 small business customers across the U.S.

Class of 2001

Chad Callander (MBA 2001) worked at Deloitte Consulting and later joined Ford Motor Company. Chad has had a series of roles in finance and marketing. His current position is Truck Product Marketing Manager, and Ford is currently launching the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. Chad lives in Michigan with his wife, Crystal, and two children, Caroline and Clark.

Sergio Rascon (MBA 2001), former Managing Director at Blackstone, raised a $200 million debt fund in Mexico City, which is the second-largest and fourth of its kind in this market. The fund is backed by the country’s largest pension fund, the multinational LifeCos. Nexxus Mezzanine Fund is a liquidity source sector-agnostic fund which finances middle market projects and companies seeking flexible sources of capital. Sergio is part of Nexxus, the largest and oldest private equity firm in Mexico.

James Spradley (MBA 2001) was recently selected to co-chair the Envision Eanes committee for the Eanes Independent School District. The charge of this 32-member volunteer committee is to explore the future of public education and make recommendations to the board of trustees. This is a new committee in the district and one of the only committees of its type in the nation. As this is a new committee, James is getting to create the committee’s vision. James has a long history of community involvement and volunteer work for the school district and is a strong supporter of public education.

Class of 2003

Fernando Barrichelo (MBA 2003) is now Brazil COO at AON (Health).

Josh Gerlick (BSBA 2003, MBA 2004) was recently accepted as a doctoral student in management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He will serve as a nonprofit management fellow during the duration of his studies. His research focuses on disruptive change that occurs at the intersection of the experience economy, technology systems, and organizational learning and development. In September, he received second place in the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence essay contest. Despite his relocation to Cleveland, he still proudly waves his Terrible Towel.

Scott Hackler (MBA 2003) was recently invited to the studios of KTCU in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, to discuss his experience as an entrepreneur. Since its founding four years ago, his food-manufacturing firm Halo del Santo has sold cocktail garnish and Mexican-style lollipops to bars, restaurants, candy shops, and specialty grocers in 20 states and D.C., and to individuals in every state in the country.

Tu Le (MBA 2003) recently founded a Beijing, China-based market research and advisory firm called Sino Auto Insights which specializes in helping companies deliver innovative, customer-focused automotive and mobility-related products and services that will drive their future growth. Tu is recognized as a thought leader in China by CNN, Financial Times, Business Insider, Wired, and other media outlets for his perspective on the transformation that’s currently taking place globally in the automotive and transportation sectors.

Class of 2005

Kai Eberspaecher (MBA 2005)  and family show off their Australian citizenship certificates.

Kai Eberspaecher (MBA 2005) and family show off their Australian citizenship certificates.

Kai Eberspaecher (MBA 2005), Debby, Max, and Amelie recently became Australian citizens, having spent nine years in the luck country down under. After a few years in consulting, Kai also set up his own advisory helping clients in the oil and gas industry. Most of Kai’s time is spent in his new role as Country Manager for a junior Canadian exploration and development company with exploration and production licenses in Australia.

Class of 2006

❊ Vikash Gupta (MBA 2006) invested in and subsequently joined the board of a new challenger bank in the UK called Monument, which is going through the licensing process.

Ben McCann (CS 2006, MBA 2006)  and Stephanie Lin with their new daughter Alexis.

Ben McCann (CS 2006, MBA 2006) and Stephanie Lin with their new daughter Alexis.

Ben McCann (CS 2006, MBA 2006) and Stephanie Lin welcomed their first child to the family with the birth of their daughter, Alexis. The family is living in Mountain View, California, where Ben is taking time off between entrepreneurial journeys and Stephanie is working as a project manager at cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

Class of 2007


Rachel Duncan (MBA 2007, MSCF 2008), Alix Bowman (MBA 2007), and Eric Valko (MBA 2007) have continued their (almost) annual tradition of getting together. This year Alix and Eric traveled to Rachel, who is living in Cuenca, Ecuador. The three, along with their significant others and families, went hiking in El Cajas National Park.

Mudit Garg (MBA 2007) joined D2L, a learning intelligence startup, running the global GTM, sales, and marketing operations, enablement, and channels. He also lost 15 pounds with a mix of juicing and yoga/gym last year. In Chicago, Yuri Goryunov (MBA 2007) was elected Partner at McKinsey & Company.

Class of 2008

Pinki Mishra (MBA 2008) is pleased to have joined KPMG’s Strategy practice as an M&A Director. Pinki lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and travels frequently.

Class of 2010

Micah Paul Keith (MBA 2010)  and Sarah Keith with their new daughter Paisley Lyn Keith.

Micah Paul Keith (MBA 2010) and Sarah Keith with their new daughter Paisley Lyn Keith.

Paisley Lyn Keith entered the world and the Tepper family on July 26 near Sacramento, California! She joined her parents, Micah Paul Keith (MBA 2010) and Sarah Keith, along with a very enthusiastic and excited set of siblings! Asher, Elsa, Hazel, and Sadie are enjoying finding more excuses to kiss or hug the new little sister that they love. The Keith clan wishes the best to the ever-growing Tepper family and hopes everyone is doing well!

Brittany Rhodes (MBA 2010) recently founded Black Girl MATHgic LLC, the first and only subscription box dedicated to increasing math confidence and decreasing math anxiety in black girls ages 8-16. To prepare for the launch, she applied for and won first place in the Michigan Women Forward Empower Change MI Pitch Competition and second place in the Rashad Howard Virtual Pitch Competition. Black Girl MATHgic will officially launch this spring.

Brittany Rhodes (MBA 2010)  shows off a Black Girl MATHGIC subscription box.

Brittany Rhodes (MBA 2010) shows off a Black Girl MATHGIC subscription box.

Class of 2011

Elissa McGee (MBA 2011) ,  Ish McGee (MBA 2011) , and family.

Elissa McGee (MBA 2011), Ish McGee (MBA 2011), and family.

Himanshu Bafna (MBA 2010) is part of a rapidly growing Tepper alumni contingent at Facebook. Spread across various functions like product management, growth, finance, and engineering, they are a diverse and expanding group. They look forward to engaging more deeply with the Tepper community and growing their presence here!

Elissa McGee (MBA 2011) has stepped into a new role as General Manager of the Nalgene Consumer Products business at Thermo Fisher Scientific. After several years in New York at Diageo as a marketer across several iconic brands including Smirnoff and Guiness, and a brief stint at Lindt & Sprungli leading marketing efforts behind the Lindor truffle, Elissa is thrilled for this new challenge. Elissa and her husband, Ish McGee (MBA 2011), left New York City for New England with their two kids (Eve, 2, and Stacia, 5) to move closer to family. While the couple misses all the access to fantastic food and delivery options, they’re thrilled to have a nice, big backyard living in a beach town on the north shore of Massachusetts.

Class of 2012

After spending 6.5 years with Kaiser Permanente IT under the CTO, completing a second part-time master’s degree from CMU in Silicon Valley in software management, attaining a Private Pilot FAA certification, and participating in YC Startup School two consecutive years in a row, Felix Amoruwa (MBA 2012) has joined Splunk Inc. in San Francisco, California. He will continue his appointment as an adjunct faculty member in the computer information systems department at De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

Chris Gassman (MBA 2012) is excited about “The Market and the Good” podcast his team launched, co-chairing an international innovation conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the recognition he helped his fellow volunteers win for mentoring young men. His Manhattan rooftop is always available for anyone who wants to catch up over a BBQ!

Jono Matusky (E 2011, MBA 2012) is proud to announce the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for his new IoT music streaming device, Plynth. Plynth relies on image recognition to play any form of media. He and his team plan to launch the campaign this summer and deliver products by the holidays. In his spare time, Jono is the Program Manager for PXL LAB, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based design cooperative, serving as the head of maker outreach for the Philly Mini Maker Faire, and advises green roof irrigation startup Sage. He’d love to meet more folks in the Philadelphia startup, hardware, and maker scene!


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Class of 2013

Justin Borntraeger (MBA 2013) is enjoying a few months of family and skiing after the firehose learning experience of a software startup that didn’t quite make it. If you’re in the Bay Area, get in touch with him!

❊ Michael Dick (MBA 2013) and Rebecca Fink are excited to be moving back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just in time for their summer wedding. Michael will be joining Google as a Product Manager at their Bakery Square office, and Rebecca has accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh as an Associate Director of Personalized Stewardship and Recognition.

Since graduating from Tepper, Michael Lawrence (MBA 2013) has married and now has two sons, Daniel and Brandon. He completed his rotation program at Boehringer Ingelheim. He moved on to found a new company, True Autonomy LLC, to develop and manufacture autonomous navigation systems for use on small construction machines.

The family of  Matthew Chapman (MBA 2014) .

The family of Matthew Chapman (MBA 2014).

Class of 2014

Matthew Chapman (MBA 2014) and Courtney Strauss wed on Sept. 2 at the Carnegie Science Center. They honeymooned in France and Italy. The couple now lives in San Diego, California, where Matthew works at Collins Aerospace.

Amanda Coox (MBA 2014) has returned to Silicon Valley after taking a one-year hiatus in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for her husband’s job. She is back at Apple in an operations engineering role on the content delivery network team.

After five years at Union Pacific Railroad, Jesse Trowbridge (MBA 2014) and JoAnn Trowbridge (MBA 2015) are contemplating a return to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to pursue startup opportunities. In the meantime, their son Joel has teamed up with new twin sisters Elsie and Tillie to keep their parents free from peace, quiet, and any hope of an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Wedding photo of  Jesse Trowbridge (MBA 2014)  and  JoAnn Trowbridge (MBA 2015)  on the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Wedding photo of Jesse Trowbridge (MBA 2014) and JoAnn Trowbridge (MBA 2015) on the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Insights Success Magazine recently selected Barry Rabkin (MBA 2014) among the Top 10 Most Influential CMOs to Watch of 2018 for his results at Identified Technologies, a construction drone leader. Barry is also doing marketing consulting for some of the region’s fastest-growing companies and guest teaching marketing strategy at CMU. Barry recently moved to Squirrel Hill with his wife, Sarah, and soon-to-be three kids. Reach out to grab coffee or run through Frick Park to prep for the next obstacle course race!

Josh Rex (MBA 2014) accepted a role at Workday as a Senior Business Development Manager within their planning and analytics professional services team. He now leads professional services business development for Workday’s newly acquired adaptive insights planning solution for all education and government accounts within the U.S. Although he’s now working for a growing Silicon Valley tech company, he is thrilled to continue working from his downtown home overlooking PNC Park.

Class of 2015

Roshy Rajan (MBA 2015) and Saket Gunjan (MBA 2015) have founded a company, Bhoomi Herbals, and launched their first smart product (Squegg) in February. The product is a smart squeeze ball that helps measure grip strength and also provides an option to play single-player and multiplayer games. There is great hype about the product, and the company is also being picked up in articles and blogs that specialize in technology.


Michael Bernardi (MBA 2018)  married  Eduardo Guardia (MBA 2017)  in November.

Michael Bernardi (MBA 2018) married Eduardo Guardia (MBA 2017) in November.

Class of 2017

Michael Bernardi (MBA 2018) and Eduardo Guardia (MBA 2017) are excited to announce that they tied the knot last November in Chicago. Mike and Eduardo met as students at Tepper through the Out&Allied club, started dating shortly after, and have been together ever since! They live in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Mike is on his way to finishing the first year of the executive development program at Allstate, and Eduardo continues to work in marketing for Boston Scientific.

Hallie (Coffin-Gould) Morris (MBA 2017) and Drew Morris (MBA 2017) tied the knot in September. They are in Pittsburgh living in Mt. Lebanon, with Hallie finishing her second rotation of the GLDP at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Drew joining LifeX Capital as a General Partner.

Class of 2018

Sherry Lobo (MBA 2018)  married  Sharif Ismail (MBA 2018)  in September.

Sherry Lobo (MBA 2018) married Sharif Ismail (MBA 2018) in September.

Sherry Lobo (MBA 2018) and Sharif Ismail (MBA 2018) were happily married on Sept. 3, 2018, in Varenna, Italy. They met as students at Tepper and, shortly after, sparked the beginning of their world travels, getting engaged in Bali, Indonesia. Sharif is in his second year of Cigna’s finance leadership development program, and Sherry is Manager of Mergers and Acquisitions and of FP&A at Intertape Polymer Group. The two reside in Sarasota, Florida.


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