Every Gift Matters

“My ongoing support of Tepper keeps me connected to every incoming class and invested in their success. The quarterly reminders I get from my recurring gift keep that connection fresh and top of mind as the seasons change.”

– Carla Vale (MBA 2013)

Recurring gifts can occur on a schedule of your choosing and are an easy way to guarantee your commitment to the next generation of business leaders and this new era at the Tepper School.


Dear Fellow Tepper Alumni,

Welcome back to one of the most exciting years in the history of the Tepper School. Not only do we have another impressive group of students entering our undergraduate and master’s programs, but the Tepper Quad is open and becoming the intersection of business, technology, and analytics across the CMU campus.

As the Alumni Board, we are focused on connecting you back to the Tepper School. Your years at Tepper were not just an inflection point for your career, but the start of a lifelong relationship from which you continue to benefit. As a result, we are working to ensure that you have opportunities to connect with the Tepper School through lifelong learning and networking. We have monthly webinars with our faculty to learn about cutting-edge research. Our alumni chapters continue to grow and provide more opportunities to network with each other and engage with Tepper faculty and staff. Reunion Weekend attendance has skyrocketed, with each year significantly outpacing the last.

While the Tepper School continues to expand, we cannot make it a success without you. Get involved — attend a webinar, join a chapter event, or reach out to me for other ways to get involved. We have recent graduates and students looking for alumni mentors; the Masters Career Center is always open to new opportunities to place graduates in the workplace; and student clubs are anxious to hear from alumni. This is your school. Be an active member of our community and get involved.

On behalf of the Tepper Alumni Board, I would like to thank each of you who attended a “Cut to the Quad” event, local chapter event, webinar, or Reunion Weekend. Thanks to each of you who have sponsored your class or company and given your personal time back to the Tepper School. Thanks to those of you who helped set a record giving year in 2018, when over 25 percent of our alumni made a contribution to the Tepper School Annual Fund, fellowships, or the Tepper Quad. And a big thanks to the Class of 2018, which set a new record with 100 percent class participation. We look forward to seeing you at an event this year and encourage you to get involved and stay involved.

Kind regards,
Rob Rice (MSIA 2000)
Tepper Alumni Board President