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Class of 1957

Charles Parker, MSIA, graduated 60 years ago this June at the age of 23! There were just 22 in his class, and all received MSIA degrees in graduation exercises at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh. He worked for the great IBM Corporation for 30 years and then the United Way, consulting. And he finally entered retirement 30 years ago. When he first attended GSIA, Charles and Phyllis had just been married and still are after almost 62 years. They have three children and now have three great-grandchildren, giving them a total of 23 family members with the two generations in between. He would welcome emails from any of his classmates at

Class of 1959

❊ Bill Evarts, BSIM, is continuing to operate a niche private investment banking firm called Evarts Capital, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. They have closed over 150 transactions over a 40-year period. Bill has three children and eight grandchildren. He has become closer to the Carnegie Mellon community in the past five years by serving on the CMU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Class of 1960

Robert Cohen, MSIA, is retired now, and will be celebrating his 80th birthday this June. He enjoys his Encino, California, home with hobbies of succulent gardening, BBQ cooking and spending time with grandkids. He is looking forward with his wife, Cammie, to their Ancient Mariners voyage this August to Athens and Venice along the Dalmatian Coast.

Blasdel (Blase) Reardon, MSIA, retired after 21 years in the steel industry and 19 in the construction business. Since 2000, he has been a mediator specializing in helping owners, designers and contractors resolve disputes. In 2001, Blase became a widower when Jean (whom he courted while at GSIA) died after a brief illness. He subsequently married a widow, Anne. Together they reside in Hingham, Massachusetts, and have eight children and an extended family of 30+.

Class of 1966

Paul Matthew, MSIA, BSIM ’65, has retired after 20+ years with Unimin Corporation. Matthew had been Unimin’s general manager of human resources, with responsibility for mining and processing plants in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to Unimin, Matthew had worked at Xerox Corporation in Operations, Finance and HR.

James Yanni, MSIA, is now retired and spends time at his son Matt’s investment firm, Yanni and Associates Investment Advisors LLC. Since Matt handles all of James’s investments, James does important tasks like go to the post office or run to an office supply store for paper and ink. If anyone gets to Pittsburgh, please call him to dine together.

Albert Sherlock.JPG

Class of 1967

Albert Sherlock, BSIM, and Kay enjoyed a fabulous cruise to Bermuda in 2016, and just celebrated their 53rd anniversary in Hawaii in January. After more than five decades of working for others, he is also proud to say that his company, Kalwin Graphic Services, had a great year last year, and as chief creative officer and president, he is having the best time ever.

Class of 1968

Carlos del Ama, MSIA, just finished writing a new book, Economy With Karma, which is a reflection in search of an economy with soul; it includes an analysis of the crisis, along with reflections on Brexit and the Trump era. It is in print and will be published in a few weeks. This book joins his other publication, Toward a New World Order.

Rev. Jim Hetzer, MSIA, retired after working in the industrial automation field for 42 years. He became an associate pastor of the Christian Spiritualist Temple in 1985. He wrote and published 798 articles in the area of living healthy and spiritualism for He says, “I am the webmaster for the church website, with over 54,000 visits in 2016, and manage two Facebook pages for the church. I have one grandchild, Bianca, who is the daughter of Samantha Hetzer Green and Marvin Green. I work out every day and enjoy photography, poetry and composing chants. It has been a fun life.”

Class of 1969

Gary Anderson, MSIA, is making good use of all his analytical and strategic training from GSIA working as a Senior Commission member and volunteer consultant in his hometown of Los Altos, California, while still pursuing his day job as executive editor of The Star magazine for the Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

Class of 1970

Ken Derow, MSIA, BSIM ’69, completed his book on how to transform your diet lifestyle, co-written with Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Rudy Tanzi, and is now looking for a publisher. Ken credits his CMU and GSIA education for “nurturing in [him] the curiosity that drove this writing project.”

Class of 1975

❊ M A Chiulli, MSIA, just took the Polar Plunge at the Antarctic Circle.

❊ Mitch Fried, MSIA, BSIM ’74, has been actively involved in the CMU/Tepper community for over 25 years. He spent six years on the CMU National Alumni Board. He lives in New York City with his wife and spends time at their second home in Delray Beach, Florida. He has two grown children and two grandchildren. After retiring in 2010, he became a wealth advisor at Belpointe Wealth Management in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is also an adjunct professor of finance at Stevens Institute of Technology. He would love to reconnect with some of his classmates in the New York metro and Palm Beach County, Florida, areas.

After navigating various careers and pursuing intriguing hobbies, John Pritchett, MSIA, fell into the role of a Dallas residential real estate agent. He has been lucky to have established a thriving little practice and for the last three years was among the Top 30 Producers of the 400-agent Virginia Cook, Realtors. The best part is that as an independent contractor, he can’t be laid off and replaced by someone half his age.

John Schiller, MSIA, has been retired from IBM more than three years and is still happily living in Pittsburgh. He is focused mostly on family and photography. He and his wife, Denise, have been traveling — most recently to Cuba. This past year they welcomed their first granddaughter, Eve. Their youngest son, Jake, and his girlfriend, Diana, moved back to Pittsburgh, where Jake is studying for his Ph.D. in political science. 

Class of 1978

Charles Bracken, MSIA, and Melinda are pleased to announce the birth of their first grandchild, Alexander Barton Lazur. Alexander is the son of their daughter, Heather, and her husband, Nathan, who are both 2010 Tepper MBA class graduates. He hopes to see many of his GSIA ’78 classmates at the 40th reunion next year.

Class of 1980

Phil Buehler’s, MSIA, artwork was exhibited at the Spring Break Art Show in New York City. The installation was reviewed in several art publications, including Ocula.

Scott McGregor, MSIA, announced the formation of Tridimensional Innovations, Inc. ( Tri-Di is a Silicon Valley startup providing point-of-sale 3-D scanning and 3-D printing services to the custom fit audio and audiology industries. McGregor is hoping to reconnect with CMU alumni in the music, audio and audiology industries. McGregor has had a special interest in audiology, as both Scott and his daughter have had partial hearing loss from childhood.

Allan Mink.JPG

❊ Allan Mink, MSIA, was fortunate to be able to ride 4,300 miles across the USA to raise awareness and funds for STEM. The bicycling itself had a few great challenges — like climbing Hoosier Gap in the Rockies. More challenging, though, was keeping up with consulting and teaching online from the remote locations he transited. He surmounted those challenges and had a great adventure. One more item off the bucket list.

David Wecker, MSIA, E ’78, now has two kids, five grandkids and one great-granddaughter.

Class of 1983

Barry Wald, MSIA, is still enjoying the PacNW lifestyle in Portland, Oregon.

Class of 1985

After co-founding Retail Solutions in 2003, and building and leading the globally distributed product development team, Shantha Mohan, Ph.D., retired in November 2016. She is quite active on social media:

Class of 1986

Hemant Chordia, MSIA, was blessed with his first grandchild last year. Her parents — Tripti and his son Atishe, also an alumnus of CMU — have named their daughter Vedah.

Vicki Morgenstein, MSIA, has joined Deutsche Bank in New York City as deputy CTO of the Americas.

Hemant Chordia.JPG

Class of 1987

Scott Good, MSIA, has had a busy year. One of his twin sons graduated from CMU with his MS in inorganic chemistry; the other (newly married) graduated from UMinn Law School and passed the Minnesota bar exam. Good also worked with the Palm Beach County Medical Society to create a program for high-risk people with diabetes. He teaches martial arts and runs long distance.

Chris F. Kemerer, Ph.D., was recently recognized for having written the most highly cited research paper ever in the field of software engineering. The paper, “Metrics Suite for Object-Oriented Design,” was published in 1994 in the IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, and has been cited more often than the nearly 72,000 other research papers published between 1972 and 2015, according to an Information and Software Technology study published last year.

Class of 1988

After 17 years at a software company that went from crazy successful, to big, to gigantic, ❊ Gino Fortunato, MSIA, has decided to jump back into the small end of the pool. Reltio is a well-funded startup in the data management space that has received incredible analyst reviews and has been very successful in the marketplace. 

Class of 1991

Debbie (Jacobs) Cohn, BSIM, and Dan Cohn are excited to be sending their son, Ari, off to CMU as a freshman in computer science next year.

Tom Jonozzo, MSIA, joined Overhead Door Corporation in February 2016 as VP/GM of Door Services in Philadelphia. Jonozzo and his wife, Darlene, relocated to Doylestown in August and are discovering the East Coast.

Richard McIntyre, MSIA, just formed First Round Tampa Bay with a group of investors to provide seed funding to local technology startup companies, and funded Phonism LLC — a VoIP service provider. His firm McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi and Guito just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Class of 1992

Jennifer Janisch, BSIM, gives a shout-out to GCMers (graphic communications management majors) past and present. She is coming up on a collective 15 years at Apple, with a decade of various startups and large companies thrown in between. Cheers from sunny/rainy Silicon Valley.

In 2016, Brent Schimke, MSIA, joined a life sciences and precision medicine tech startup, Data Cubed (D3), that was founded by world-class researchers from NYU and MIT. Schimke was hired as COO. D3’s mission is to unlock the human genome. D3 just launched its MVP and is doing a Series A equity raise in Q2 2017.

After nearly 25 years living and working overseas, Boris Svetlichny, MSIA, and Sigrid Olson, MSIA ’93, have returned to the United States to a home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Boris continues to serve on the board of directors and audit committee of Etalon Group Ltd., where he was previously CFO.

Class of 1993

After working for 15 years in investment management at Federated Investors, Nancy Belz, MSIA, left the corporate world in 2008 to pursue a Master of Science in counseling psychology. She is currently working as a psychotherapist with a vibrant local private practice. In her free time, Belz enjoys time with her first grandchild Lucy, weekends at Lake Chautauqua, and athletic pursuits such as running the 2015 and 2016 Boston Marathon.

Edward Best, MSIA, is now offering low-volatility market-neutral strategy directly from his investment firm, Best Capital Management LLC. Best Capital’s goal is to provide, over time, higher returns than current bond yields without stock market volatility and with low correlation with other investments.

Point B Inc. has named Matt Hargis, MSIA, the president of its new property development business unit. Hargis started the commercial real estate development business at Point B, an integrated management consulting, venture investment and property development firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Tom Klaff, MSIA, CEO of GrekTek, co-created HealthyWatch, which is a “revolutionary solution to help provide sustainable care for loved ones.”

Frank Lacey, MSIA, launched Electric Advisors Consulting LLC in 2015. After more than 20 years working in the restructuring of the electricity industry, Frank founded a consulting firm focused on sharing his expertise with companies participating in the energy markets. Lacey has unparalleled expertise in restructured energy markets, having worked in the field of deregulation since it began shortly after his graduation from GSIA.

Washington College President Sheila Bair announced that Rahel Rosner, MSIA, has been selected as the college’s new vice president for finance and administration. Most recently, Rosner was the director of finance and operations at Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C., for the past seven years, where she oversaw the daily operations of the 1,075-student school on two urban campuses with an operating budget of $44 million.

Class of 1994

Leah Chiavacci Shuldiner, MSIA, has accepted a new position as the director of legacy giving at the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts.

Class of 1997

Lyenda Simpson Delp, MSIA, is now managing director at BlackRock in New York. W. Phil Delp, MSIA, is now VP of operations at Wireless Telecom Group in New Jersey.

In 2002, Marty Marra, MSIA, founded MM Marra Construction. They are general contractors and builders in the Pittsburgh region specializing in commercial and high-end residential projects. Recently, they built the Home of the Year for 2017 as determined by Pittsburgh Magazine. Last year, Marty was also the president of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh.

Courtney Spence Omary, BSIM, earned her master’s (MSN) in health care administration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in 2014. She is currently employed by Cerner Corporation as a clinical strategist and Augusta University as an assistant professor in the Department of Physiological and Technological Nursing. She will begin her doctor of nursing practice (DNP) studies at Emory University in August 2017. Omary and her husband, Sam, live in Augusta, Georgia, with their three daughters, Dia, Maisy and Carmen.

Jeffrey Puzas, MSIA, has taken a new position with GE Healthcare, Maternal Infant Care as global director of product development and portfolio management. Puzas is married to Dr. Elaine Ziavras, with whom he will be celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary on Oct. 9. They have two wonderful children, Peter (11) and Eleni (10).

Zurich-based ProcurementTutor just celebrated its second anniversary and was ranked as Europe’s No. 1 online operational assessment tool in 2016. Founded by John M. Walker, MSIA, ProcurementTutor helps companies identify supply chain strengths and weaknesses by testing their teams’ problem-solving skills online. Walker explains, “Most of our clients come to us because they’re concerned interview-based assessments sometimes overrate skilled talkers and underrate solid but quiet performers.”

Class of 1999

❊ Sean Harley, MSIA, and Vered Semel, MSIA, recently co-founded a software company called LUPR Inc. LUPR helps large organizations get more value from their relationships with suppliers. It helps them more easily assess capabilities, resolve issues and manage projects.

Keith Law’s, MSIA, first book, Smart Baseball: The Story Behind the Old Stats That Are Ruining the Game, the New Ones That Are Running It, and the Right Way to Think About Baseball, was published in April 2017. It’s an introduction to baseball statistics, from traditional stats that don’t work very well all the way to the rise of big data. He also digresses into some popular baseball debates, like why Lou Whitaker belongs in the Hall of Fame but Omar Vizquel doesn’t.

Adam Towvim, MSIA, had exciting developments in his career to share: He merged his growing tech/media/data consulting practice into Chameleon Collective, a great group of consultants/super-connectors, doing strategy/growth projects across ad tech/media/consumer-data-driven businesses for PE-backed companies. He’s also advising a few startups, so if anyone ever wants some friendly corp dev advice, he’s always happy to take a call from the Tepper family, and of course, encourage more connections between Tepper and the Boston venture community.

Class of 2000

Matt Flory, MSIA, recently joined Abbott as a procurement director and moved to the Chicagoland area. He looks forward to his new adventure and to catching up with fellow alumni.

❊ Ken Kwalik, BSIM, is a managing director and co-portfolio manager of Harvest’s put- and call-writing strategies. Kwalik has over 15 years of experience in the volatility space, helping build businesses as a portfolio manager and trader across both market-making and advisory desks.  

Ryan Reed, BSIM, and his wife, Katie, welcomed Hudson Miller Reed to the world on Feb. 24, 2017. He came in at 8 pounds and 3 ounces. Both mother and baby are healthy and happy.

Class of 2002

Curtis Hecht, MBA, has been promoted to senior vice president of business and corporate development of Calithera Biosciences.

Vivek Rao, MBA, recently joined Solutions By Text as vice president of products. Solutions By Text is a software startup in Dallas, Texas.

Class of 2003

Reid Steadman, MBA, was named the deputy head of product management for S&P Dow Jones Indices, and in his role will oversee product management for all securities-based indices, including the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and a team of 22 product managers.

Class of 2004

Ted Curran, MBA, is now chief data governance officer at UPMC Insurance Services Division.

❊ Justin Brett Kaufman, MBA, has been named PwC’s advisory market leader for the Midwest — covering asset management, automotive, banking (capital markets), energy (resources), health care, high tech, industrial products, insurance, media (entertainment), pharmaceuticals; life sciences and retail (consumer).

After five great years with two exciting startups, ❊ Leo Leung, MBA, is giving organic growth another try. Leung is now working at Oracle in Redwood Shores, San Francisco, California, and in Seattle, Washington, building a new public cloud infrastructure business from the ground up.

After completing her residency in internal medicine and pediatrics, Stefanie Mason, BSBA, has begun her fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Leigh Zanone, BSBA, was recently hired as director of PV plant performance at 8minutenergy. In this role, he will lead the research and development team that tests new solar, smart grid and storage technologies within the test facility, and analyzes performance data for operating assets around the world.

Class of 2005

Jaclyn and Tim Bosco, MBA, are pleased to announce the arrival of their first child, Ava Jade Bosco, born Jan. 29, 2017 at 1:33 p.m., 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches.

Jonghee Jo, MBA, recently joined Ford to help with the digital marketing efforts of 4,000 Ford and Lincoln dealers nationwide. Jo is still heavily using analytic skills he learned from professor Montgomery’s classes.

Nikhil Kolar, MBA, recently took over as head of product, engineering and technology for Marchex — a call analytics company in Seattle. Prior to this, he led the product and engineering teams for Marchex’s pay-per-call marketplace. After a recent attempt to learn skiing resulted in a torn MCL and ACL, he is now looking forward to an uneventful summer with his wife R and daughter M.

Class of 2006

Sanjiv Kabad, MBA, recently joined Jacobs Engineering as the director of financial planning and analysis. Prior to that, he worked at Intel Corporation in the finance organization. He relocated to Dallas, Texas, at the end of 2016.

Mary Moore, MBA, recently joined SAE International, a nonprofit standards and knowledge provider for the mobility industry, as strategic marketing director with a focus on building new business intelligence and analytical competencies within the organization. She also celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with Dan Moore — every day is a new adventure!

Faustino Santana, MBA, E ’96, moved to Brunei Darussalam with the family to take an assignment as the materials manager with Brunei Shell Petroleum.

Amit Shah, MBA, and Rae Ann welcomed their son, Emmet August Shah, on Nov. 20, 2016.

Class of 2007

Yunus Emre Cicek, MBA, moved to Qatar recently with his family. He is working at Ooredoo Group (formerly Qatar Telecom). He and his wife, Tuba, had their third daughter in October 2016. They named her Feyza. He says, “She’s a blessing from God. Happy to meet if you come to Qatar.”

Mercedes Harris, MBA, started a position at Microsoft (Houston) as a corporate account executive.

❊ Jill Y. Haugabrook, MBA, has accepted the position of senior vice president at SunTrust Bank in Atlanta, Georgia, to start in April 2017. She also received the honor of being named Tepper Women in Business Alumna of the Year for 2017. And, finally, Haugabrook will retire from the Tepper Alumni Board in April 2017 after six years of service.

❊ Manoj Panda, MBA, recently joined AdvanSix, a leading chemical manufacturer based in Parsippany, New Jersey, as assistant treasurer. Previously, he was director of capital markets with Tyco International.

This March turned out to be quite an exciting month — two feature films which Prashant Sehgal, MBA, had worked on are releasing in theaters soon. Mantra, for which he was the senior executive producer, releases March 17. And Bhanwarey, which he shot as the cinematographer, releases just one week after that, on March 24.

Vishwas Shringi, MBA, founded the startup Voylla, which has carved a niche in the fashion jewelry space and was featured in The Economic Times.

Class of 2008

Gerard Beenen, Ph.D., was recently elected by his colleagues to serve as chair of the Management department at California State University, Fullerton. They have one of the largest management departments in the country, with 30 full-time and about 50 part-time faculty.

Michael P. Landy, MBA, President and CEO of the Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation, was pleased to announce the acquisition of a new 338,584-foot Class A built-to-suit distribution center.

Sachal, MBA, and Melissa (Neugebauer) Lakhavani, MBA, welcomed their first child in September 2016 — a daughter, Livanya “Liv” Mila Lakhavani.

Michael Reggie, BSBA, has recently been promoted to senior manager of business delivery advocates in the Enterprise Demand and Deliver group at Alliance Data Card Services. In 2015, he and his wife, Charlyn, welcomed their first child, Andrew Michael. The family currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Class of 2010

Brandon Copeland, MBA, has officially been in Seattle for a year, and Feb. 8 marked his one-year anniversary at Microsoft. The Copelands love Seattle and are so happy with their decision to make the move to the Pacific Northwest! His family has also grown in the past year, as they welcomed Sadie Mae Copeland to the world on Jan. 10, 2016!

Julia Kramkova, BSBA, has been appointed vice president/chief marketing officer at CHROME Federal Credit Union. She will focus on financial education content and turn the credit union’s website, blog and social channels into an educational destination for customers and members of the community seeking financial advice.

This past year, David York, BSBA, partnered with his freshman-year roommate, Justin Pincar, CS ’09, to start a company called Achievable. They’ve built a mobile app that is more effective at preparing students for tests than traditional textbooks, and leverages learning science to do so in substantially less time. Their focus is on professional exams, starting with the FINRA Series 7 test for stockbrokers.

Class of 2011

Carolyn Madden Duncan, MBA, and her husband, John Duncan, welcomed their third son — Ian Joseph Duncan — on Jan. 7, 2017. Carolyn and baby Ian are healthy and happy to be home with John and big brothers Callum and Maxwell, who are excitedly adjusting to the new arrival. Carolyn is currently on leave from her role as senior product manager at IBM Watson, based in New York City.

Leonard Grant, MBA, is now director of continuous improvement for Covanta Energy. He will be based in Boston and support operations in the New England region.

Last June, George Jones, MBA, married Brita Roy, a great friend whom he has known since undergrad (Vanderbilt). He also relocated from Pittsburgh to New Haven, Connecticut. Brita and George are settling into their new home and looking forward to exploring more of New England. Drop him a line if you’re ever in the area!

Jonathan Zacharias, MBA, is now director of retail strategy at Walgreens in Chicago, Illinois. He and his wife, Erinn, are also expecting their first child, a girl, in August 2017!

Class of 2012

Chris Gassman, MBA/JD, just landed a set of promotions: First, he is managing special projects for the president of Great Place to Work U.S. Second, he was elected to the town council for Roosevelt Island, representing the residents of Manhattan Park. He is in the process of adopting a rescue flat-coated retriever to join him in mountain hikes and consulting trips. All canine tips and meetups welcome!

After graduating, Amy Kao, BSBA, worked as a management consultant in New York and China for three years. She is currently pursuing her MBA at the Yale School of Management and will be graduating in May 2017. Last year, she was crowned Miss Connecticut U.S. International and did her internship at Google. Recently, she was named among Connecticut’s 40 Under 40 by Connecticut magazine.

Class of 2013

Amare Dudani Gummi was born on Sept. 3, 2016, at 8:43 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 19 inches tall. Sudi, MBA, and Juhi Gummi, MBA, can’t wait for him to wear his Tepper Alumni onesie!

Barry Rabkin.JPG

Barry Rabkin, MBA, just celebrated his second anniversary at Identified Technologies, the leading fully managed commercial drone solution for tracking and optimizing industrial job sites. This past fall, Rabkin earned his Krav Maga Orange Belt and joined the Pittsburgh Jewish Family & Children’s Service board of directors. Barry and his wife, Sarah, are moving next to Blue Slide Park in Squirrel Hill this spring to give their growing family more room to play. If you’re in the neighborhood, they’ve got bottles ready for you (and babies) and would love to catch up!

Nitin Sood, MBA, founded Mediajox LLC after finishing his MBA from Tepper. The company’s mission is to produce visual video content converting leads into sales, building brand awareness, generating traffic and exciting the target audience about the products and services. Sood has been in various roles of engineering, product marketing and product management at Silicon Valley’s Fortune 500 companies.

Class of 2015

Last Christmas, Santa brought Neel Sendas, MBA, the best gift ever — his daughter Preisha!!

Class of 2016

Alison Alvarez, MBA, CS ’07, founded BlastPoint while finishing her MBA at Tepper. BlastPoint has been accepted into the 17th class at the accelerator AlphaLab, located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The company’s mission is to produce software that makes geographic data easy to use.

George Steiner, MBA, is working as a product manager at Snaps. Seeing the company double in size since he started has been really exciting. Two years at Tepper prepared him really well for the rocket ship he’s found himself on. He thanks faculty and classmates for making it such a great experience!

In Memoriam

Jay Kemp Smith, MSIA/BSIM ’78