As we prepare to transition to our new home in the David A. Tepper Quadrangle next year, we have taken advantage of this opportunity to assess the future of our school. As a leader in business education and research, we strive to discover new ideas and approaches that will advance the science and practice of management and best prepare our students to be future business leaders. Our new location in the Tepper Quad places the business school at the center of campus. This is no small matter — the Tepper Quad has been designed as an intentionally collaborative and interconnected hub with the expectation of raising both the profile and engagement of the Tepper School with the rest of campus, thereby enriching both the research and educational opportunities for our faculty and students.

To make the most of this unique opportunity, we initiated a strategic planning process last fall, centered on transformative research, education and the Tepper School experience. The strategic planning committees, comprising key members of the Tepper School community, have gathered ideas, opinions and priorities through surveys and interactions with faculty, staff, students and alumni. During the summer, we will be conducting focus groups and strategy sessions to shape the big, bold ideas that will usher us into a new model for business education and research — supported by the innovations in the Tepper Quad.

Later this year, as we work to develop and define our strategic direction, you will see communication that keeps you apprised of our progress. Our alumni are an important part of the Tepper School community, and I am eager to hear from you as our strategic plan takes shape. Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy your summer!

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    Robert M. Dammon