Dear Alumni,

When I started at GSIA in 2001, our alumni relations program was like an early stage startup. As a b-school, we were admittedly late to the game. Our first goal was to increase alumni engagement with one another and the school via regional activities. We launched chapters in our leading alumni markets in the United States and internationally, built our first online alumni directory and reinvigorated our reunion program. We began taking our amazing faculty on the road to speak to our alumni as well as engaging our senior alumni on panels to share their insights. We invited alumni to volunteer as chapter leaders, admissions delegates, recruiters and club speakers.

In 2008, we formed our Alumni Board to represent the Tepper School of Business’s alumni community and be passionate advocates and ambassadors. In 2013, we established the annual Tepper School Alumni Awards to honor the outstanding achievements and service of our alumni.  We launched the Tepper Ticker to increase communication and our webinar series to bring star faculty and alumni to a larger alumni audience.

Alumni engagement has increased significantly, but we are just starting. We want you involved! We just updated the Alumni Volunteer section of the Tepper School website. It gives you an array of opportunities to become involved, from helping our admissions team, to hosting events, to recruiting our amazing students or organizing your class reunion. We invite you to get off the sidelines or come down from the stands and join us on the field. Volunteer! You will be glad you did.

John Sengenberger,
Executive Director, Alumni Relations