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Class of 1963

John R. Dowdle, MSIA, spent 30 years as a management consultant, partner and division president with Booz Allen Hamilton, where he served several terms on its board of directors before retiring as a senior vice president. After retiring from Booz Allen, he was president of Transportation Construction Services for Day & Zimmerman Inc. and for Hill International until his final retirement.

Class of 1964

Arnold H. Kaplan, MSIA, enjoyed a visit from Claire, MM ’65, and Ron Reed, MSIA, BSIM ’63. He is keeping busy with fishing, photography and bridge. He made a special trip this summer into the mountains of Uganda to photograph the silverback gorilla. He’s still working with the University of Pennsylvania to complete the digitalization of his Early American Judaica. He would welcome visitors from GSIA and asks alumni to look him up if they are in his area.

Class of 1966

After 50 years of employment at U.S. Steel, Xerox and Unimin corporations in areas including operations, finance and human resources, Paul Matthew’s, MSIA, BSIM ’65, retirement is good. He and his wife swim a mile twice each week, lift weights twice each week and do cardio twice each week. They just returned from a vacation in Spain, where they have been working to improve their Spanish.

Class of 1968

Bart Norton, MSIA, is the principal investigator for Kontak LLC, which recently received a National Science Foundation grant for its hydrogen liquid storage technology. The breakthrough allows almost twice as much hydrogen to be carried as in standard compressed gas or liquid form. The carrier is as safe to handle as gasoline or diesel and can be recycled over 100 times.

Class of 1969

Louis Mendelsohn, BSIM, is founder and CEO of Market Technologies LLC, a trading software company he founded. Mendelsohn began applying artificial intelligence to global financial market analysis. This culminated in the release of VantagePoint Trading. He married his wife, Illyce, in 1976. They have lived for the past 30 years near Tampa, Florida. The Mendelsohns have three sons and five grandchildren. He attributes his interest in artificial intelligence to the quantitative approach to decision-making that was the hallmark of the education he received at Carnegie Mellon.

Class of 1970

Ken Derow, MSIA, BSIM ’69, has fulfilled two life goals. First, he recently completed a radical new diet lifestyle book with Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Rudy Tanzi. Second, he found a talent for writing letters to the editor and has had over 80 published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He wants to thank his GSIA (now Tepper) education for instilling in him a lifelong desire to keep growing and keep learning!

1970-Stuart Fribush.jpg

Stuart Fribush, BSIM, retired as deputy program manager from Kforce Government Solutions. He and his wife, Andrea, reside in Rockville, Maryland, and run a very specialized bed and breakfast, Chez Grandi. They have a single client: their grandson, Casey.

Class of 1973

Timothy McNicholas, MSIA, BSIM ’70, is still in Toronto, where the late Mellon Bank sent him 36 years ago. In a triumph of optimism, he has signed a five-year employment agreement which will keep him investing individual portfolios until after his 75th birthday.

Class of 1974

1974-Elaine Mittleman.jpg

Elaine Mittleman, MSIA, is a practicing attorney. One issue she has been working on involves post office closings. In Venice, California, the Postal Service sold the historic Venice post office building to movie producer Joel Silver. She was mentioned in a recent article in The Hollywood Reporter about efforts to have the historic Story of Venice mural be made available to the public for viewing. The article, dated July 18, 2017, is “Joel Silver Spars With U.S. Congressman Over Fate of Historic Venice Beach Mural” by reporter Peter Kiefer. Mittleman has two beautiful granddaughters, Taylor and Kelsey Gardner. Taylor has graduated from Ball State University, and Kelsey is a student at Murray State University.

Robert Rizzo, MSIA, is living in Monroeville after a career in the Middle East.

❊ Subrata K. Sen, Ph.D., MSIA ’66, was elected as an ISMS (INFORMS Society for Marketing Science) Fellow in 2016 for his lifetime contributions to the mission of ISMS in the areas of research, teaching and editorial work. Subrata is currently the Joseph F. Cullman Professor of Marketing at the School of Management at Yale University

Class of 1978

After 42 years in IT, the last 24 as director of IT for the American College of Surgeons, Howard Tanzman, MSIA, has decided to retire. His immediate plan is to take a gap year — if the college kids can do it, so can he!

Class of 1979

❊ Mark Schaefer, MSIA, retired from ExxonMobil in March after nearly 38 years, the last five managing the payment card and loyalty card processing operations supporting 13,000 Exxon, Mobil and Esso retail fuel stations in the U.S. and Canada. Mark and his wife, Kathy, will remain in Houston, where their daughter will be married in October.

Class of 1980

Phil Buehler, MSIA, is having a solo art exhibition in New York City. Titled “(un)thinkable,” it is the culmination of 25 years of his work in photographing the remains of the Cold War throughout the United States and Europe. Phil is also in the second year of his brand strategy consultancy, Data Dialog.

Irwin Grossman, MSIA, and Mike Bailey are cycling together for the fifth consecutive year in the Pan Massachusetts Challenge. The 192-mile, two-day ride raises money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston. This year the 6,500 riders have a goal of $48 million. Since this event was established in 1980, over $550 million has been raised.

Class of 1981

J. Scott, MSIA, and Sylvia G. Bechtel began new careers together as Broadway show co-producers of “Bandstand,” an original 2017 Tony Award-winning hit musical.

Yoshiaki Fujimori, MSIA, was hired as the senior executive advisor of Japan by CVC Capital Partners.

Class of 1983

John Charnovich, BSIM, has joined footwear leader Crocs as chief information officer. His wife, Jane Oliver, CFA ’84, and son, Kyle, have moved to Boulder, Colorado, and enjoy visits from friends and family.

Class of 1985

❊ W. David Brown, MSIA, celebrated his 60th birthday with Sheila Bowen Brown, MSIA ’84, who didn’t tease him too much, and his youngest son, Malcolm, a portfolio manager with GMO in Boston. Their eldest son, Nick, is a foreign service officer posted in Moscow. Sheila is the head of risk management at Progressive Insurance. Dave is a lower middle-market investment banker and hopeful Indians, Cavs and Buckeyes fan. Best wishes to all of our classmates!

Class of 1986

Bob Hollis, BSIM, is now serving on the Zero Waste Advisory Committee of the U.S. Green Building Council as a result of a merger of the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council with the USGBC. He recently joined the board of QuantumS3, a Pittsburgh-based custom software development firm, and is a co-founder of Mobius Intelligent Systems, a new Silicon Valley startup that applies artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to provide insights into environmental management challenges.

Class of 1991

Francois Michelon, MSIA, is happy to see his little company, ENDRA Life Sciences, trading on the Nasdaq. ENDRA Life Sciences (NASDAQ: NDRA) is a developer of enhanced ultrasound technologies, initially focused on liver disease diagnostics.

Aash M. Shah, MSIA, recently joined Summit Global Investments in Salt Lake
City as senior portfolio manager of equity mutual funds.

Class of 1992

Lloyd Fletcher, MSIA, obtained a Ph.D. in management from the University of Bristol in July 2017; in September 2017, he began a post as a teaching fellow in the School of Economics, Finance and Management at Bristol.

1992-Jen Janisch.JPG

Jennifer Janisch, BSIM, gives a shoutout to GCMers (graphic communications management majors) past and present. Jennifer is coming up on a collective 15 years at Apple, with a decade of various startups and large companies thrown in between. She’s enjoyed the ride thus far. She hopes to pass back through Pittsburgh again one of these days. She would love to see another fantastic lightning storm like the one she saw on campus for her five-year CMU reunion.

After 13 years in London,  Karen McConomy, MSIA, and  John Bugos, MSIA, have repatriated to America. While they loved their time living, working and raising their three daughters in London, they missed having a decent bagel. John is now CFO of North American Partners in Anesthesia. John and Karen will be living in Lloyd Harbor, New York.

Class of 1993

Karim P. Husain, BSIM, maintains a solo law practice based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, concentrating in the areas of taxation and estates. He lives happily with his wife and two children.

Since Dave Schroeder, MSIA, retired, he’s written a series of science fiction humor novels about tech support for alien technology after Earth is invited to join the Galactic Free Trade Association. They’ve
been getting good reviews and are available on Amazon.

Class of 1994

Nurca Yener-Bozkurt, MSIA, started her own business as an independent consultant in marketing research and analytics. She is especially passionate about helping nonprofits, startups and small companies. Her husband, Erkan Bozkurt, MSIA, is the vice president of revenue management at ConAgra Foods. They live in the northern suburbs of Chicago with their three boys, ages 6, 11 and 15.

After leading Medtronic’s Interventional Spine Business back to growth, Matt Thomas, MSIA, is now the vice president and general manager of Medtronic’s Pain Stimulation and Early Interventions business. Last year, he also published his second science fiction novel, “A Sickness in Time.”

Class of 1995

Sujit Bhattacharya, MSIA, BSIM ’91, started a new job as the vice president of contracting for Conifer Health Solutions. This is the start of a new career in health care after his 20 years in the energy/power industry.

Erick Eidus, MSIA, is CEO of PupPod, a company building interactive software for dogs and internet-connected dog toys. Its first product is shipping, and the company is raising money. If you love dogs and want to hear how PupPod is disrupting the $67 billion pet industry, contact Erick.

Class of 1997

Jeffrey Puzas, MSIA, has taken a new position with GE Healthcare, Maternal Infant Care as global director, product development & portfolio management. Jeff is responsible for maximizing the value of the product development portfolio, balancing resource supply/demand, optimizing product development process, and leading/mentoring a staff of program managers. Jeff has been married to Dr. Elaine Ziavras for 18 years. Jeff and Elaine have two wonderful children, Peter and Eleni.

Class of 1998

John Stephan, BSIM, is a partner in a new bottled mixed cocktail company, Rambling House Cocktails, that makes a pre-packaged Moscow Mule. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio, and the bottled Mule is offered at over 200 retail locations statewide.

Class of 1999

Allen Go, BSIM, celebrated a five-year anniversary with the firm he founded, AMGO Capital. AMGO Capital is a financial services firm providing merger and acquisition advisory services to the insurance industry. Allen is always open to networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and fellow CMU alumni.

Great news! Hoshizaki appointed Yasuhiro Kobayashi, MSIA, as their new president and CEO.

Adam Towvim, MSIA, is excited to announce that he is an adjunct professor of marketing at Brandeis University’s International Business School. He is also seeing more and more Tepper activity in the Boston area, so if any aspiring Tepper entrepreneurs are moving up this way, drop him a line: There is a lot happening in Boston, especially around marketing, data analytics and media.

2000-Robert Perri.jpg

Class of 2000

Robert Perri, MSIA, had a great time with the Sharmas in July! The clan flew in from D.C., and Robert and his wife, Amy, showed them around Chicago, then stopped at the Perris’ home in Barrington for dinner.

Class of 2001

Michael Rea, MBA, E ’96, and Paul Morel, MBA, launched the upgraded Analytics as a service offering. PlaidCloud is a collaborative, secure turnkey solution that unifies industry-leading data modeling tools and techniques. PlaidCloud is primarily used to implement financial modeling best practices, including customer and product cost modeling as well as supply chain and transfer pricing optimization.

Class of 2003

Toby Perkins, MBA, was recently named the finance integration director at Westlake Chemicals, with responsibility for successful integration of the Axiall Chemicals acquisition ($3.8 billion). Previously, he served three years as the division controller of the color-alkali and derivatives business at Axiall, which was a spinoff and merger of PPG’s commodity chemicals business with Georgia Gulf Corporation.

Robert Tzucker, MBA, has just joined Barclays as head of USD inflation trading after just over three years in a similar role at BNP Paribas.

2003-Di Judy Zhu.jpg

After living in China for 12 years, Di Zhu, MBA, and family are moving to Southern California. A new adventure starts.

Class of 2005

Ken Aponte, MBA, took on a new role at Shopgate as its vice president of customer success. Shopgate offers everything online retailers need to be successful in mobile. The company recently raised $15 million in Series C funding and expanded operations in the U.S. from Germany.

Jung Hee Han, MBA, became a head of hedge fund at Korea Investment Corporation (KIC). KIC is a sovereign wealth fund of South Korea with over $120 billion under management. Han joined KIC in 2008 and worked at the KIC New York office from 2013 to 2016. Han and his wife, Hyunjung Lee, have two children, Emily Hyekyu Han and Seungkyu Han. He is an active volunteer and contributor to the Carnegie Mellon Korean Alumni Chapter.

Kamesh Iyer, MBA, is currently pursuing the role of senior finance director at ADP, leading financial valuation of proposed client acquisition, business development and strategic investment opportunities.

InvestmentNews recently named lifelaidout founder Roger Ma, BSBA, BSE, as one of its 2017 40 Under 40 in financial planning. Based on accomplishments to date, contributions to the financial advisory industry, leadership and promise, Roger was chosen from more than 800 nominations. He was featured in the June 19 issue of InvestmentNews and represented the class on the cover.  

2005-Jeff Holden.JPG

Hiromi Tsuchiya, MBA, and Jeff Holden, MBA, had a Management Game team mini-reunion in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and were joined by Hiroshi Tsuchiya, HNZ ’05, and Maggie Gardner. All are doing well. Hiromi and Hiroshi are based in the D.C. area, and Jeff and Maggie have recently relocated to Ithaca, New York.

Alberto J. Villatoro, MBA, recently joined Acuity Eye Specialists as its CFO. Acuity Eye Specialists is headquartered in Southern California. One of the largest vertically integrated eye medicine groups in the country, it enjoys a double-digit annual growth by focusing on acquisitions.

Class of 2006

Mateusz Troicki, MBA, has finally had enough of bad supermarket coffee and the inconvenience of driving to his local coffee shop, so he started Caffè Colibrì to bring an affordable option to people who want to enjoy amazing coffee. His favorite part is having installed a roaster setup in his basement where his 9-year old daughter helps measure out beans and record roasts.

Class of 2008

In May 2017, Jonathan Garrison, MBA, returned to Beijing as vice president in the Wanda Culture Group’s international investments department. Jonathan has joined the board of Sunseeker International, the Poole, England-based luxury motor yacht maker. Just prior to his return to Beijing, Jonathan founded an exclusive advertising sales company for the leading in-flight entertainment platform in China.

Bernd Kullmann, MBA, is now the head of supply chain at BeiGene Ltd. Bernd oversees global supply activities and leads teams located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Beijing, China.

Class of 2009

Cyanne Demchak, MBA, HNZ ’09, continues her tour of America, and in August relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to become the senior director of strategic planning, organizational growth and effectiveness for Cigna-HealthSpring. She is sad to leave Chicago, Illinois — specifically, leaving the ability to go to Cubs games most weekends during the summer. She’s looking forward to connecting with alumni in Nashville and enjoying the mild winters.

Vincent Glode, Ph.D., was recently granted tenure by the University of Pennsylvania. As a result, he is now an associate professor of finance at the Wharton School.

Rashmi Gowda, MBA, and Roshan Gopalakrishna welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in June. They have named her Yara. Their dog, Jefe, a rescue beagle they adopted last year, is currently petrified of all the baby grunts and sounds. Rashmi is also the vice president of the Bangalore CMU Alumni chapter and is happy to arrange a meetup if you are passing through!

Manish Grover, MBA, published his second book, “Connected! How #Platforms of Today Will Become Apps of Tomorrow.” Manish currently heads global business unit innovation and go-to-market programs for Capgemini, a global tier 1 technology and digital consulting firm headquartered in Paris.

Class of 2010

Paul Henderson, MBA, recently left his CFO role to launch his own consulting and venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. With the expertise he built in the medical marijuana industry and his passion for investing in startups, this should be a fun next adventure. Matchbox Partners is his new firm name and will be exclusively funding the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

❊ Micah Paul Keith, MBA, accepted the position as senior brand manager for the Almond Breeze brand with Blue Diamond Growers. He relocated from Cleveland, Ohio, to Sacramento, California, for the opportunity to continue to grow the #1 brand of almond milk in the U.S.

Class of 2011

Danielle Schmitt, MBA, got the opportunity to start a new role within Microsoft in London! It’s a thrilling opportunity both for career as well as for life experiences. Danielle is looking to make a new group of alumni friends in the UK and catch up with any others visiting the area. Please do reach out!

Chitratan Singh Sethi, MBA, and Arshveen Kaur Gadhok enjoyed celebrating their son Harsoohub Singh’s second birthday with friends and family. It is fun seeing him grow and do something new every day! They look forward to meeting and connecting with current students at Tepper and Tepper alumni residing in or visiting the greater Pittsburgh area.

Class of 2012

Chris Gassman, MBA/JD, is excited that he’s working with more accelerators and veteran-owned businesses in 2017. He just got certified as a sailor and is looking forward to exploring Patagonia in 2018 with Matt Flores, MBA, and other Tepper peeps!

In 2016, Jonathan Matusky, MBA, E ’11, began working as managing director at the Innovadores Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit focused on promoting technology and design in Cuba, with the ultimate goal of being Cuba’s first tech incubator. This year, they founded their for-profit arm, Innovadores, which looks for opportunities to partner with and invest in Cuban entrepreneurs.

Darren Olson, MBA, and Jessica Lee recently bought a house in the Seattle, Washington, area and are eager to host their Tepper friends as they pass through the Pacific Northwest. Drop them a line when you’re in town. Additionally, this autumn Darren will celebrate his five-year Deloitte Consulting anniversary with a promotion to senior manager.

Emily Méndez-Peñate, a daughter of Ellen G. Méndez-Peñate and Carlos E. Méndez-Peñate of New York, was married on May 13 to Christopher Jeffrey Sturgess, MSCF, the son of Catharine S. Sturgess and Jeffrey C. Sturgess of New Canaan, Connecticut.

Class of 2013

Ritu and Karan Jain, MBA, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Ahaan, on June 28, 2017.

Amy Janocsko, MBA, announced her wedding to Brian Bodle in the Herald-Star.

2013-Barry Rabkin.jpg

CMO Barry Rabkin, MBA, was proud that CIOReview rated Identified Technologies,  fully-managed commercial drone solution as one of the top 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers of 2017. Barry and Sarah were thrilled to give their daughter Leona a little brother named Maxwell this past May. They just renovated and moved into a house in Squirrel Hill. If you’re in the neighborhood, they would love to catch up!

Class of 2014

Amanda Coox, MBA, and her husband, Brian, have embarked on a journey for Brian’s job. They moved to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where Brian is doing civil engineering work for a military contractor. Amanda finished her fourth and final leadership development program rotation at Apple and is on a leave from work while in Cuba for the next year. She is enjoying relaxing on the Caribbean beaches and finding time for hobbies such as gardening and reading!

Renaldo Williams, MBA, is currently a computer programming instructor at Stanford University’s summer tech camp for teens. He is passionate about teaching teens how to code their own computer programs for a variety of applications, including computer games, iOS apps, robotics, and machine learning and AI.

Class of 2015

Luke Lee, MBA, started a new role at JPMorgan Chase in operational risk. His baby daughter was born in March. Her name is Adalyn Dara Lee.

Prashanth Nataraj, MBA, continued his plan to see a bit more of the world each year, with a backpacking trip to Europe last fall, which he followed up with a trip to Greece and Italy this year. Prashanth was also promoted to deals manager at PwC recently and plans to spend his reduced spare time on dog walking!

Class of 2016

Robert Brawner, MBA, has committed himself to a life of servitude/boat ownership ... how unfortunate!

Rogerio Galante, MBA, and his wife, Tatiana Galante, opened Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage to serve the Pittsburgh region. Tailored Living is an independently owned and operated franchise specializing in home organization and garage renovation.

Class of 2017

Aki Abekawa’s, MBA, startup GenialTech is building an AI-based audit and accounting data management tool. Auditors can leave repetitive tasks — such as vouching, disclosure check and contract review — to the tool. The AI finds frauds and errors from ERP sub-ledgers. Also, it helps bookkeepers clean the customer master.

In August, Robert Southern, MBA, launched Goodwin Point Partners, a partnership between himself and a group of investors personally and financially committed to helping him achieve his goal of running his own business.

In Memoriam

Frank Evans Wood, MSIA ’58, passed away on April 14, 2017.