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Class of 1957

Charles Parker, MSIA, graduated 60 years ago this June at the age of 23! There were just 22 in his class, and all received MSIA degrees in graduation exercises at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh. He worked for the great IBM Corporation for 30 years and then the United Way, consulting. And he finally entered retirement 30 years ago. When he first attended GSIA, Charles and Phyllis had just been married and still are after almost 62 years. They have three children and now have three great-grandchildren, giving them a total of 23 family members with the two generations in between. He would welcome emails from any of his classmates at

Class of 1959

❊ Bill Evarts, BSIM, is continuing to operate a niche private investment banking firm called Evarts Capital, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. They have closed over 150 transactions over a 40-year period. Bill has three children and eight grandchildren. He has become closer to the Carnegie Mellon community in the past five years by serving on the CMU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Class of 1960

Robert Cohen, MSIA, is retired now, and will be celebrating his 80th birthday this June. He enjoys his Encino, California, home with hobbies of succulent gardening, BBQ cooking and spending time with grandkids. He is looking forward with his wife, Cammie, to their Ancient Mariners voyage this August to Athens and Venice along the Dalmatian Coast.

Blasdel (Blase) Reardon, MSIA, retired after 21 years in the steel industry and 19 in the construction business. Since 2000, he has been a mediator specializing in helping owners, designers and contractors resolve disputes. In 2001, Blase became a widower when Jean (whom he courted while at GSIA) died after a brief illness. He subsequently married a widow, Anne. Together they reside in Hingham, Massachusetts, and have eight children and an extended family of 30+.