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Ryan Bove, MBA ’12

Aurochs Brewing Company
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, Ryan Bove set about solving the problem of finding a good gluten-free beer. He and his friend Doug Foster, who has celiac disease, launched Aurochs Brewing Company this fall.

The elevator Pitch?

Our goal from the beginning: Make great-tasting craft beer that is naturally gluten free.

What was the “aha!” moment?

About six or seven years ago, I ended up getting really sick right after college. It turned out I had a severe gluten intolerance. When I got my diagnosis, my business partner, Doug, started helping me with my diet. Then when we got to beer, the options were very, very limited at that time. We started home brewing at the same time I was going to the Tepper School. Toward the spring of 2012, when I started looking at different ideas for my class project, it occurred to me — who doesn’t want to start a brewery? That’s when we knew we might have something a little more than a hobby.